EU enlargement to the Western Balkans: Out of sight, out of mind?

Marko Stojić in his new policy paper tackles the question of the Commission dealing with the ‘complicated’ candidate countries in a comparative analysis of six Western Balkan (potential) candidates for EU membership.

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European Summer School 2015 – “Challenges for Europe”

Read a summary of last year's European Summer School. Early Birds applications are now opened!

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Why it is important to have think-tanks (in the Czech Republic)

The full report of the TTCSP Global Go To Think Tank Index is now downloadable.

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Café Evropa: Brexit - where is Britain headed?

Second debate of the new format Café Evropa was held on January 27.

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Parties, Voters and National Identity

A new project dealing with national identities in the CEE region has been launched.

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About the organisation

EUROPEUM is a think-tank that undertakes programme, project,
publishing and training activities related to the European integration process.

We organize regular seminars and debates focused on the current European topics, which are open to the academic community as well as the general public. Furthermore, we organize a number of conferences, workshops and roundtables on specific selected European issues.
We participate in the organization of various long-term projects focused on increasing awareness about the European Union and strengthening of the international cooperation. Among our main projects are the Prague European Summit, an educational competition Europa Secura, a national identity conference CEE Identity and the European Summer School.
Our team of research fellows publishes regular articles responding to some of the most pressing issues related to European integration and more. In the articles section you can thus find the most up-to-date blogs, analyses, reports and policy briefs by our experts.


36 Norwegian students of Economics in EUROPEUM

University students from Norway visitied our office yesterday. Scroll down to see some pictures.

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The importance of having think-tanks (in the Czech Republic)

In cooperation with other think-tanks and representatives of the civil society, we would like to invite you to a discussion on "The importance of having think-tanks (in the Czech Republic)". The discussion is designed to underline the important role of think-tanks for the public sphere as well as for the civil society, and highlight their interconnection with the political parties. Furthermore, the discussion will be accompanied by the official announcement of the best world think-tanks based on the Global Go To Think Tank Index.

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Is the EU moving closer to Ukraine? Why mutual perceptions matter

Earlier in November, EUROPEUM had the pleasure to organize a panel discussion on the EU and Ukraine, involving Štefan Füle and Václav Lídl and two distinguished Ukrainian speakers, Oleksii Haran and Maria Zolkina of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF).

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Public Debate: Holding Europe together after the Paris attacks: united we stand?

We would like to kindly invite you to a public debate on the aftermath of the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

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Parties, Voters and National Identity

Our project, organized in the research framework focusing on the topic of national identities in Central Europe, aims to research how political parties use themes connected to national identity, and its goal is to find out how the declared political positions influence the election results of individual political parties in different regions.

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Building Bridges Between National Perspectives on the European Union

As we have been seeing lately, the position of the EU member states towards the Union is quite differentiated. The French Institute for International Relations began a unique project in December of 2014 which aims at bridging these different perspectives though mutual understanding and dialogue. The project is scheduled to continues till March 2016.

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European Summer School 2015 – “Challenges for Europe”

You can now read summary of the thirteenth European Summer School which took place last July.

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Programme of the Prague European Summit conference

A structured programme of the Prague European Summit is now available.

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Articles and publications

Some valuable lessons from U.S. politics?

Although the Europeans might see the U.S. presidential elections as rather bizarre, it currently presents similar trends to those in Europe. The phenomenon of “antisystem” candidates can now be found on both sides of the Atlantic. Read what Martin Michelot thinks about this development.

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EU enlargement to the Western Balkans: Out of sight, out of mind?

Does the EU and the Commission in particular possess appropriate tools to deal with the ‘complicated’ candidate countries in a complex international reality? Marko Stojić in his new policy paper tackles the question with a comparative analysis of six Western Balkan (potential) candidates for EU membership, based on the qualitative analysis of the EU’s most recent and updated enlargement documents.

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European Foreign Policy Scorecard 2016

Our Director Vladimír Bartovic was one of the Central European contributing researchers to the European Foreign Policy Scorecard, issued by the European Council on Foreign Relations.

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Another challenge for Europe: Fighting irregular warfare & exploitation of the NSAs

Europe, specifically the European Union, is now facing more pressing challenges than ever. Read a blog by Matthieu Crévecoeur in which he emphasizes the importance of staying united on both domestic and European level.

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In the media

Czech TV: Why think tanks matter?

Executive director of EUROPEUM, Radomír Špok, was a guest at Czech TV and talked about the significance of think tanks for society.

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Střepiny TV Nova: Europe under pressure, Schengen in danger

Director of EUROPEUM Institute for European policy Vladimír Bartovic comments the future of Schengen in relation to the migration crisis.

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ČRo Plus: Meeting of V4 ministers

Our research fellow Michal Vít spoke for Czech Radio about the meeting of V4 interior ministers, where they discussed the possibility of an increased cooperation in dealing with the migrant crisis.

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EurActiv: Commission decision over the rule of law in Poland

Our associated research fellow Piotr Maciej Kaczyński in an interview for EurActiv about the decision of the Commission over the rule of law in Poland.

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