Three myths about refugees, immigrants and the European refugee crisis

Our latest blog from Christian Kvorning Lassen in which he is dealing with three most common myths about ‪‎refugees‬.

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EUROPEUM is a think-tank that undertakes programme, project,
publishing and training activities related to the European integration process.

We organize regular seminars and debates focused on the current European topics, which are open to the academic community as well as the general public. Furthermore, we organize a number of conferences, workshops and roundtables on specific selected European issues.
We participate in the organization of various long-term projects focused on increasing awareness about the European Union and strengthening of the international cooperation. Among our main projects are the Prague European Summit, an educational competition Europa Secura, a national identity conference CEE Identity and the European Summer School.
Our team of research fellows publishes regular articles responding to some of the most pressing issues related to European integration and more. In the articles section you can thus find the most up-to-date blogs, analyses, reports and policy briefs by our experts.


Is the EU moving closer to Ukraine? Why mutual perceptions matter

Earlier in November, EUROPEUM had the pleasure to organize a panel discussion on the EU and Ukraine, involving Štefan Füle and Václav Lídl and two distinguished Ukrainian speakers, Oleksii Haran and Maria Zolkina of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF).

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Public Debate: Holding Europe together after the Paris attacks: united we stand?

We would like to kindly invite you to a public debate on the aftermath of the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

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Invitation: Is the EU moving closer to Ukraine? Why mutual perceptions matter

Panel discussion on mutual perceptions between Ukraine and the EU and how these affect the relationship between them.

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Crimea - A Forgotten Peninsula?

Panel discussion on Ukraine and Crimea as part of the Forum 2000 Conference.

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Programme of the Prague European Summit conference

A structured programme of the Prague European Summit is now available.

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Summary of the CEE Identity conference - My Hero Your Enemy

A summary of a conference on National Identity in CEE - My Hero Your Enemy, which we organised in July, is now available.

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Prague European Summit - International Programme Board members

You can now view the members of the International Programme Boards online.

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Destination: Transparency project - case studies on the anti-corruption in the V4 countries

Our senior researcher Věra Řiháčková contributed to a publication within the Destination: Transparency project.

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Articles and publications

Assessing the importance of external factors on the perception and development of V4 policies

How do external factors, such as the Ukraine or the migration crises, affect the V4 cooperation? Martin Michelot provides a thorough assessment of the recent developments and some recommendations for the future of V4 in his latest policy paper.

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Three myths about refugees, immigrants and the European refugee crisis

The refugee crisis has highlighted hitherto latent divisions within the EU, particularly amongst the V4 countries and Western Europe. The division is, at first glance, rooted in fundamentally differing perceptions of the crisis, giving rise to several myths whose veracity merits questioning. This blog will seek to challenge three of the most popular misconceptions about the refugee crisis.

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Czech Republic: A desire to accommodate British demands, but without treaty changes

How do various members of the EU view UK´s ‪‎renegotiation‬? Director of Europeum Vladimír Bartovic explains the Czech point of view on the LSE blog.

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‘The time for action is now?’ Results of the Meeting on the Western Balkans Migration Route

On October 25 a 17-point plan has been agreed in Brussels upon cooperation on dealing with the influx of migrants. Is it going to change something or it's just another bureocratic measure? Find out in Marko Stojic's blog.

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