How complaining doesn’t explain the world

Our Head of Research Martin Michelot joins the V4 revue's debate on ‪#‎humansonthemove‬ writing about the changing atmosphere in the Czech Republic: about complaining, solidarity and responsibility.

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TA3: Experience from refugee camp in Idomeni

Michal Vít has visited refugee camp in Greek town located close to the border with Macedonia. He shared his experience in Slovak TV sequence called 24 hodín vo svete.

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How to restore trust in the EU enlargement in the light of the contemporary challenges

Please accept our invitation to a public discussion focusing on the most important challenges and their implications to the process of the EU enlargement. The EU integration process is facing several significant internal and external challenges - ranging from the Greek debt crisis and the upcoming UK referendum on EU membership to the migration crisis and a resurgent Russia - that must be confronted amid a complex political and economic backdrop.

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ČT Studio 6: Outcomes of Brussels EU summit with Turkey

Head of EUROPEUM’s research Martin Michelot was in Studio 6 this morning. He talked about outcomes of yesterday’s summit, Turkey’s visa demands and current situation in Greece.

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ČRo Plus: Vladimír Bartovic on post-election situation in Greece

EUROPEUM's director Vladimir Bartovic commented on post-election situation in Greece and its consequences for the eurozone.

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Have the Portuguese approved the reform program of their government?

Another post-election blog, this time about the fragile Portuguese coalition coming into life.

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HN: Tsipras pressures with Russia

Czech newspaper Hospodářské noviny published a commentary by Martin Michelot, in which he evaluates the security dimension of the Greek referendum and the convergence between Greece and Russia.

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