RTVS: Checks at the internal borders of the Schengen area

Our Research Fellow Christian Kvorning Lassen spoke to Rádio Slovensko RTVS on the subject of the migration crisis and crisis of the V4 countries due to the established checks at the internal borders of the Schengen area.

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What is going on on the border? Evaluation of Czech-Polish cross-border co-operation in 2007 – 2013 period

Radomír Špok wrote areport on the developments on the Czech-Polish border between 2007 - 2013.

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Austrian border plan damaging symbolic Brenner Pass

Austria has announced plans to implement border controls at its shared border with Italy at the Brenner Pass. Alexandr Lagazzi analyses such move with regards to both Italy's and the Commission's reactions.

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Review Of The ENP Review: Still The Area Of Security, Stability And Prosperity?

Our Project Manager Nelly Tomčíková analyses the current state of the ‪European‬ ‪Neighbourhood‬ ‪Policy‬ on charter97.org in her article within the framework of the "The Answer to the Eurasian Challenge for Eastern Europe" project.

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How complaining doesn’t explain the world

Our Head of Research Martin Michelot joins the V4 revue's debate on ‪#‎humansonthemove‬ writing about the changing atmosphere in the Czech Republic: about complaining, solidarity and responsibility.

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Some valuable lessons from U.S. politics?

Although the Europeans might see the U.S. presidential elections as rather bizarre, it currently presents similar trends to those in Europe. The phenomenon of “antisystem” candidates can now be found on both sides of the Atlantic. Read what Martin Michelot thinks about this development.

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EU vs. Orbán - Fighting for Democracy within the EU

Hungary's democracy and rule of law might be threatened by Viktor Orbán's actions. What mechanisms could or should the EU implement to ensure that demoracy of its member state is not jeopardized? Find out in the policy paper written by Zuzana Stuchlíková.

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Another challenge for Europe: Fighting irregular warfare & exploitation of the NSAs

Europe, specifically the European Union, is now facing more pressing challenges than ever. Read a blog by Matthieu Crévecoeur in which he emphasizes the importance of staying united on both domestic and European level.

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European Summer School 2015 – “Challenges for Europe” Report

You can now read summary of the thirteenth European Summer School which took place last July.

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ČRo Plus: Meeting of V4 ministers

Our research fellow Michal Vít spoke for Czech Radio about the meeting of V4 interior ministers, where they discussed the possibility of an increased cooperation in dealing with the migrant crisis.

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