New CENS publication: Policy Paper on regional cooperation in Central and South Eastern Europe

In a new CENS publication, our Zuzana Stuchlíková discusses conservatism in the Visegrad Group, particularly the Czech Republic, and the potential of Visegrad as a conservative coalition.

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TA3: A. Lagazzi on the next Italian Prime Minister

Our Alexandr Lagazzi commented for TA3 the newly nominated Prime Minister and the next steps for the newly formed Italian government.

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TA3: A. Lagazzi on the political situation in Italy

Our Alexandr Lagazzi commented for TA3 the latest developments in Italy, where the Northern League and M5S presented their coalition programme to the President.

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RTVS: Tensions between Brussels and Rome are on the rise

Our Alexandr Lagazzi commented for RTVS on the establishment of a new government in Italy and its draft coalition agreement.

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A Game of Thrones: Italian parliamentary elections

Our Alexandr Lagazzi explores, in his latest policy paper, the power games behind Italy's parliamentary elections and the process of forming a new government.

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ČRo Plus: New coalition and NATO

Our Vladimír Bartovic offers his thoughts for ČRo Plus on the impacts of a possible government coalition in regards to the position of the Czech Republic towards NATO.

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RTVS: New European funds criteria

Our Vladimir Bartovic in an interview for RTVS spoke about the new European funds criteria for the member states.

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Hungary, Poland: the difficult choices ahead for the European Union

Nicolas Bouchet authored a policy paper on the confrontation within the EU over its liberal democratic standards, with a focus on the strategy that the Union could implement to face such issue.

Show more PDF Viktor Orbán won the parliamentary elections. What can we expect?

Vladimír Bartovic has commented for on the results of the Hungarian parliamentary elections, and gave his opinion on what to expect from Orbán in the future.

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TA3: Analyst A. Lagazzi on the formation of a new Italian government

Negotiations for the creation of a new government in Italy are taking quite a long time. Consultations on the possible coalitions are now beginning. What is the most likely cooperation and why?

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