TRT World: Is the Czech Republic's Government on the Verge of Collapse?

Our Martin Michelot talked about the Czech government crisis in the Turkish international news channel TRT World.

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Protests in Prague: Beyond the Numbers

Our Martin Michelot wrote a blog post about protests against the Czech PM Andrej Babiš for the Atlantic Council.

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In multi-speed Europe, Czech Republic is not in any rush

Our Jiří Lacina explores, in his latest blog, the Czech Republic and its engagement in both the V4 and the so-called multi-speed Europe.

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ČRo Plus: Changes in EU according to Czechs and their satisfaction with membership

Vít Havelka was a guest of Czech Radio Plus, where he commented on Czech citizens' and politicians' attitude toward the European Union.

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What are the causes of low Czech voter turnout in the European Parliament elections?

Our Jana Vlčková explores, in her latest blog, the causes of low Czech voter turnout in the EP elections.

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Analysis Of the Activity Of the Czech MEPs During the 2014–2019 Term

Vít Havelka and Zuzana Stuchlíková from EUROPEUM Institute for European policy conducted an analysis of the activity of the Czech MEPs during the 2014–2019 term. The analysis combines quantitative and qualitative methods of research (including the interviews). The text contains, for example, the factors influencing MEPs' success, the impact of the national interests on their work, evaluations and recommendations.

Show more PDF EU supporters are also Czech patriots. Opponents are not proud of Czechia and ignore risks of leaving EU, poll shows

The results of a poll about the attitude of the Czechs towards the EU was published on the site of the Hospodářské noviny daily, This poll was conducted by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy along with Behavio and STEM research institute.

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POLICY PAPER: Waste as a cause of climate change: what to do with it?

Štěpán Vaškevič in his policy paper examines an often neglected activity in climate policies - waste management and its impact on climate change. How is the Czech republic really standing when it comes to this phenomena? And what are the further perspectives?

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ČRo Plus: Assessment of EU debate

Our Vít Havelka talked in Czech Radio Plus station's broadcast on the topic of Czechs' knowledge about the European Union.

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RECOMMENDATIONS: Priroties of Czech Republic for summit in Sibiu

Recommendations from the roundtable discussion of the National Convention on EU Affairs for the informal summit of the European Council, which will take place on 9 May in Sibiu, are now available. They were prepared by Vladimír Bartovic and Zuzana Kasáková from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and are based on the discussion which took place on 29 March in the Liechtenstein Palace in Prague.

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