Trump has reached a new low

Latest blog by our Christian K. Lassen stresses how ludicrous and insulting was Donald Trump's proposal to buy Greenland.

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Albania and the Western Balkans enlargement process – The need for reciprocity

Our Laura Skana summarized the EU enlargement policy towards the Western Balkans.

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PESCO: Possible implications in the field of migration

Our Benedetta Fornaciari da Passano in her newest blog analyses the Permanent Structured Cooperation on security and defence (PESCO) and its impact on migration.

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RTVS: The number of immigrants being successful in appeals and getting the asylum is on the rise

Our Christian Kvorning Lassen explained for Slovak RTVS why is almost every fourth appeal against the ruling of the immigration office successful.

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The Underrated Value of Political Cooperation and Stability

Christian Kvorning Lassen follows up to his previous blog on the future of political culture by comparing the approach of Denmark and the Czech Republic in terms of political cooperation and stability.

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Principles over Security? The Impact of the Upcoming Danish Exit from Europol

Christian Kvorning Lassen focuses in the latest issue of the BRUSSELS MONITOR series on the impact of the Danish exit from Europol.

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Populist logic: “Brexit turned out to be a disaster – let’s call for Czexit!”

Our research fellow Christian Kvorning Lassen analyses the wave of populism and the crisis of leadership in many EU countries after the outcome of the British referendum.

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Austrian border plan damaging symbolic Brenner Pass

Austria has announced plans to implement border controls at its shared border with Italy at the Brenner Pass. Alexandr Lagazzi analyses such move with regards to both Italy's and the Commission's reactions.

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Future prospects of Denmark’s participation in Europol following the recent “no” to abolishing the opt-out

Ch. Kvorning Lassen's follow-up blog about the three major obstacles that need to be overcome before a parallel agreement can be a reality, which seems highly unlikely, as he outlined in previous post.

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Scandinavian domino: Denmark follows Sweden in tightening border controls

Following the announcement of Sweden and Denmark to re-introduce border controls in the light of the refugee crisis, Christian Kvorning Lassen looks at the broader implications of this move and the future of the Schengen area.

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