Room for Discussion: Reciprocity or Domination? Alexandr Lagazzi in the discussion on China–EU relations

On September 19, our Alexandr Lagazzi took part in a discussion from Room for Discussion series at the University of Amsterdam. He and Ties Dams, author of a book about Chinese President Xi Jinping, answered several questions regarding diplomatic and economic relations between China and EU.

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ČT: Věra Jourová will oversee the values of EU as vice-president of the European Commission

Vladimír Bartovic commented on the new portfolio of Czech European Commissioner for the news server of Czech Television.

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ČRo Plus: Is Johnson really such a chaotic person or is he pretending it? Analyst Šlosarčík assumes it is just an unsuccessful strategy

EUROPEUM's research fellow and expert on European integration Ivo Šlosarčík took part in the interview for Český rozhlas Plus about current events in the UK Parliament.

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E15: Dropping charges against Babiš can strengthen his position in EU

Director of our institute, Vladimír Bartovic, gave an interview to daily E15, in which he explained the position of European Union towards the dropping of charges against the Czech PM. Will European institutions intervene in the case? Is the Czech judiciary perceived as an independent? Why can Mr. Babiš's position in Europe get stronger?

Show more Headstrong people like Jourová are no longer in ANO. But her relationship with Babiš is respectful

Vladimír Bartovic, director of our EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, commented on the relationship between the European Commissioner Věra Jourová and Andrej Babiš.

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INVITATION: The new European Commission – What to expect.

Accept our sincere invitation to the public debate that we co-organize under the Prague European Summit titled ''The new European Commission – What to expect''. The event will take place on October 9th at 3 PM in the European House.

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Policy Paper: Czech Education Policy – Increasing attractiveness of teaching profession in the Czech Republic

Our Milan Urbaník published policy paper about Increasing attractiveness of teaching profession in the Czech Republic.

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Policy report: Charting a new path for a reinforced and improved V4-France cooperation

We're publishing the final policy report from the project: Charting a new path for V4-France cooperation, which was written by sixteen invited experts including our Martin Michelot.

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Civil society and the EU integration process: Key importance, little impact?

Our Jana Juzová wrote an article for European Western Balkans web.

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How Could the European Elections Reshape Central Europe’s Role in the EU?

Series of the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade: four researchers give a short answer to the same questions concerning international politics and economics.

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