Returning from violence: How to tackle the foreign fighters’ problem in the Western Balkans?

How to tackle the issue with returning foreign fighters? Our Christian Kvorning contributed to the new IFAT publication with a chapter about the Aarhus model.

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ČT24: Foreign policy of the new government

Our director Vladimír Bartovic spoke in the Studio 6 on Wednesday 27th of June about the foreign policy of the newly appointed government.

Show more Macron's Moment Arrives in Syria

Our Martin Michelot commented for on the French motives behind the Syrian airstrikes, and the reception thereof by the French public.

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ČRo Plus: Impacts of the Syrian offensive

Our Vladimír Bartovic commented for ČRo Plus on the topic of the Saturday attack on Syria and its impacts on foreign policy of the Czech Republic.

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Can EU Leadership on Climate Change Unite the Fragmented Union?

Christian Kvorning Lassen's newest policy paper on combatting the climate change will serve as the background material for the very first debate from our pilot project Prague Climate Talks: 'Paris Agreement and changing geopolitics,' taking place on June 21st, 2017, at the European house.

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Azattyk: Macron's victory, Syria security zones

Our Martin Michelot was interviewed for Azattyk on the topic of the French president-elect Emmanuel Macron and his political programme.

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The Cipher Brief: Emmanuel Macron: More of the Same?

Our Martin Michelot authored an article on The Cipher Brief in which he explores the stances of Emmanuel Macron in terms of France's defence & security policy and NATO membership.

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Martin Michelot's French elections spotlight

Our Deputy Director's takes on the French presidential elections, in chronological order and continuously updated.

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28 Europe: The Trump of Vltava

Our director Vladimír Bartovic was a guest on the Greek TV show "28 Europe", which focuses on current issues in Europe and its debate on the future of the EU.

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RTVS: EU court to rule on humanitarian visas

Our Christian K. Lassen commented for RTVS on the question of whether an EU country is obliged to grant humanitarian visas to people who are not yet on its territory.

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