COMMENTARY: Main election topics of the upcoming European Elections

Our Kateřina Davidová and Vít Havelka published a commentary aiming to provide the reader with an overview and general understanding of the context that the upcoming European elections will take place in.

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TASR: Analyst: Migration and Brexit attracted attention to EU agenda

News site of the Slovak news agency TASR published an interview with our Zuzana Stuchlíková.

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INFO.CZ: Analýza: Voliči ukázali, že je Mayová politická mrtvola. Na scénu se vrací liberální demokraté

Our Vladimir Bartovic was speaking about the recent municipal elections in England and in the Northern Ireland and about current political situation in the UK.

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Commentary: Summit in Sibiu

Vladimír Bartovic, Christian Kvorning Lassen, Zuzana Stuchlíková, Louis Cox-Brusseau, Vít Havelka and Kateřina Davidová reacted to the Summit in Sibiu 2019.

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ČRo Plus: Britain is preparing for hard Brexit

On 5 April, Michal Vít was guest in Czech Radio Plus station's broadcast about Brexit.

Show more EU summit likely to postpone Brexit but not to date requested by London

News site referred to the commentary on the 10 April's special European Council summit presented by the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

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REPORT: The future of the EU-UK security relationship seen from Central Europe

On 9th of April, the Czech Permanent Representation to the EU in Brussels hosted the roundtable "The future of the EU-UK security relationship seen from Central Europe". The report from the discussion organized by the Brussels office of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and the Think Visegrad platform is now available.

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ČT24: Začíná mimořádný summit EU k brexitu

Vít Havelka was speaking in the studio of ČT24 about the special brexit summit of the European union.

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Commentary: Special European Council (Art. 50)

Vladimír Bartovic, Christian Kvorning Lassen, Martin Michelot and Vít Havelka present their thoughts on the prospect of a long Brexit extension (April 10).

Show more PDF May plays for time with brexit

Analyst Vít Havelka talked with the E15 daily about Theresa May's Brexit negotiation.

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