The human cost of the EU’s externalisation of fundamental obligations

More than half of all refugees from Syria is currently located in Turkey. In her latest blog, Tuba Nilüfer Uğur zooms in on the local situation and suggests steps that should be made by the EU to help this matter.

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Commentary: EUCO Meeting in October 2019

EUCO meeting held on October 2019 brought several surprises. Read the comments of our experts regarding the future development of Brexit, EU enlargement or climate change combat. We've gathered answers from Christian Kvorning Lassen, Kateřina Davidová, Jana Juzová, Zuzana Stuchlíková, Louis Cox-Brusseau and Martin Michelot.

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Deník N: Explosive topic doomed to fail. This time, the larger part of the EU does not like the new scheme of redistribution of refugees

Our Christian Kvorning Lassen, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute of European Policy, contributed to the article about the newly proposed initiative for the efficient and fast relocation of rescued asylum seekers and commented on its link with the domestic political situation in Italy.

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Debate: EU and migration – Will migrants decide European elections? (VIDEO)

Zuzana Stuchlíková, the head of our Brussels office, took part in the debate co-organised by Multicultural Center Prague and Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung. Other guests were Petr Baroch from Organization for Aid to Refugees (OPU) and migration expert Anna Dumont.

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Czech Republic in the context of migration and integration

Our Alexandra Visnerova evaluates the Czech attitude towards the migration crisis.

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La revue – Confrontations Europe: Les quatre de Visegrad ne forment pas un bloc

Our Martin Michelot authored an article for La revue – Confrontations Europe on the role of the V4 group in European politics.

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ČRo Plus: the Czech Republic would remain in the EU

Vladimír Bartovic in an interview with ČRo Plus describes the results our opinion polls conducted in the Czech Republic on matters of the European Union.

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The European Agenda on Migration: missing pieces towards a common migration policy

Our Benedetta Fornaciari da Passano in her Brussels Monitor analyses the European Agenda on Migration and examines the problem of a common migration policy in the EU.

Show more PDF The migration problematic dominates in the Italian election campaign, and the 'troublemaker' Berlusconi is back.

Our Alexandr Lagazzi in cooperation with Tomáš Jungwirth published for a commentary about the upcoming parliamentary elections in Italy and its impact on migration policy.

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E15: Czech Republic was arrogant when refusing the quota system for relocation of asylum seekers

Our Vladimír Bartovic in an interview for E15 stated, that Czech Republic was arrogant when refusing the quota system for relocation of asylum seekers and that the European Commission will win the trial.

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