Commentary: EUCO Meeting in June 2019

Christian Kvorning Lassen, Kateřina Davidová, Jana Juzová, Vít Havelka and Louis Cox-Brusseau react to the EUCO Meeting held in June 2019.

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Komentář: Zasedání Evropské rady v červnu 2019

Christian Kvorning Lassen, Kateřina Davidová, Jana Juzová, Vít Havelka a Louis Cox-Brusseau reagují na zasedání Evropské rady v červnu 2019.

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ELECTIONS COMMENTARY: Main election topics of the upcoming European Elections

Our Kateřina Davidová and Vít Havelka published a commentary aiming to provide the reader with an overview and general understanding of the context that the upcoming European elections will take place in.

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Commentary: Summit in Sibiu

Vladimír Bartovic, Christian Kvorning Lassen, Zuzana Stuchlíková, Louis Cox-Brusseau, Vít Havelka and Kateřina Davidová reacted to the Summit in Sibiu 2019.

Show more PDF Austria reduced child benefits for foreign workers. Czechia considers joining lawsuit. You create "second-class citizens", critics say

Vladimír Bartovic talked to about a controversial step of the Austrain government, which may end up at Court of Justice of the European Union.

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RCF Radio: Les manifestations auront-elles raison?

Martin Michelot was speaking about the held protests against the work law in Hungary.

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The Czech perspective on the Commission ́s MFF proposal 8 months

Vít Havelka authored a policy brief on the Czech perspective on the European Commission's Multiannual Financial Framework.

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Germany and the V4: renewed cooperation opportunities in the new political context

Kamil Frymark, as part of the project Think Visegrad, published a policy brief on the V4-German cooperation.

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Czechia between V4 and the EU: the impact of migration on Visegrad cohesion

Vladislav Strnad authored a policy brief on the impact of the migration crisis on the V4 countries across the EU context.

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Returning from violence: How to tackle the foreign fighters’ problem in the Western Balkans?

How to tackle the issue with returning foreign fighters? Our Christian Kvorning contributed to the new IFAT publication with a chapter about the Aarhus model.

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