ČRo Plus: 25 years ago on November 1st the Maastricht Treaty was signed

25 years ago on November 1st the Maastricht Treaty was signed. It formally created the European Union and established the three pillars of the European Union. Our director Vladimír Bartovic commented on this anniversary for the Czech Radio Plus.

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Future prospects of Denmark’s participation in Europol following the recent “no” to abolishing the opt-out

Ch. Kvorning Lassen's follow-up blog about the three major obstacles that need to be overcome before a parallel agreement can be a reality, which seems highly unlikely, as he outlined in previous post.

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Denmark to have a referendum on abolishing its opt-out on JHA issues

This Thursday, on December 3, Denmark will have a referendum on whether to replace Denmark's current opt-out option of the EU's Justice and Home Affairs (JHA) with an opt-in model or not.

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