(Dis)United towards a common goal: Can Democrats produce a candidate capable of defeating Donald Trump?

Žiga Faktor se ve svém posledním blogu věnoval demokratickým primárkám před letošní volbou prezidenta Spojených států.

From the perspective of the EU, two things are clear. If any of the Democratic candidates wins the presidential elections, the US will most likely return to the Paris Climate Agreement, as all contenders have noted that the fight against the climate change is one of the main goals of their candidacy. Moreover, there is a consensus among the Democrats to support the idea of crafting a Green New Deal, a legislation with a goal of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions. With President Trump’s negative approach to the issue, such a turnaround could prove essential for a joint global action against climate change. Secondly, it is expected that transatlantic relations would improve, as most of the candidates have a very positive attitude towards the importance of NATO and the unity of its members.

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Žiga Faktor
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