The Next Conflict: North Korea — For Americans and Europeans Alike

Tereza Novotná wrote an article about GMF’s Brussels Forum 2017.

Tereza Novotná explores, in her latest article on Medium, the threat that North Korea poses for Americans and European as was reflected at GMF’s Brussels Forum 2017.

Yet as one of the two panelists, Japan’s Ambassador Masafumi Ishii, rightly pointed out, if Kim Jong Un develops nuclear weapons reaching California, the entire European continent will be covered within their range.

The other speaker, Ambassador Wendy Sherman, who was in charge of negotiations with North Korea under Bill Clinton, argued that we have already tried everything: from sanctions through freezes and military exercises up to a dialogue. She nevertheless suggested that we haven’t tried to employ all these tools at the same time, rather than one after another, which is potentially a high-risk approach but one that actually led to the Iran nuclear deal under President Obama.

 You can read the whole article on Medium.

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