RTVS: Is Schengen still alive and viable project?

In an interview for RTVS, Vladimír Bartovic commented on the Schengen Area and the project 'Back to Schengen', where some of the EU states should terminate their border controls. He did so for Slovak RTVS with main topics being EU Schengen Area and immigration policy.

Vladimír Bartovic commented on Schengen Area and project Back to Schengen, where some of EU states should terminate their border controls. He did so for Slovak RTVS with main topics being EU Schengen Area and immigration policy.

The full interview is available in the Slovak language in RTVS archive [05:59-26:58].

#Schengen Area #Back to Schengen

Expertise: EU institutional issues, Economic and Monetary Union, € and European budget, Brexit, EU foreign policy, EU enlargement with the focus on Western Balkans, Slovak foreign and domestic policy and economic issues

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