World Youth Academy is organizing a 3-day training focused on conflict analysis and intervention planning. The event will take place on November 30th - December 2nd in Prague.

World Youth Academy is organizing a 3-day training focused on conflict analysis and intervention planning. The event will take place November 2nd - December 2nd in Prague. Deadline for applications is November 21st.

As today’s world is faced with some of the major challenges in decades from intrastate wars, uprisings, poverty, terrorism, to human rights- and environmental-related, the more peace builders and interventionists know and understand about the situations in which they are working, the less likely they are to make mistakes, and the more likely to succeed in their efforts to find lasting solutions.

According to the Council of Foreign Affairs, there are 33 major conflicts around the world involving interventions at all levels. These challenges require a systemic approach, the involvement of multi-stakeholder efforts and a deep understanding of the contexts and environments in which practitioners operate to implement solutions to the world’s problems.

This training will employ a systemic approach, integrating theory and practice to increase participants’ understanding of conflicts and interventions, and enhance their capacities in planning successful interventions (e.g. projects in their communities). The training will:

  1. Provide tools for diagnosing and understanding complex emergencies/crisis situations, and conflict dynamics;
  2. Provide tools for analyzing interventions of different kinds on the project or program level in the areas of relief, social & development projects in terms of determinants of success and failure in achieving comprehensive security;
  3. Provide a framework for starting successful and sustainable interventions (e.g. projects) and to enhance participants’ understanding of the interconnectedness and applicability of various concepts in the field of humanitarian work and projects.

At the end of the training, participants should be able to understand the complexity of conflict situations and prepare for fruitful, evidence based and sustainable solutions, as well as understand how to critically consume conflict related information (news and otherwise).


  • To be older than 19 years old at the moment of the training.
  • To fill in the application form.
  • To add your CV updated and with a picture in PDF format.
  • To have a good command of English.

If you are a student or recent graduate, you can apply for Training if your career and/or professional interest are linked to the objectives and topics of the WYAcademy Training in Prague, so the Selection Committee may take a decision of your participation.

For more information visit the WYAcademy website and submit your application!


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