Background Paper Think Tank Forum | The State of Democracy and Rule of Law in WB6

This article was written as background material for a panel discussion at the Think Tank Forum: EU Enlargement. The authors of the article are Oszkár Roginer, Project Manager, and Žiga Faktor, Head of our Brussels office. In the article, the authors discuss, among other things, elections, political pluralism, civil society, media, and fundamental rights in the Western Balkan countries.

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Background paper Think Tank Forum | Green agenda in the Western Balkans

Researcher Michal Hrubý prepared a background paper on the Green Agenda in the Western Balkans in the framework of the Think Tank Forum held in the first half of October 2022. In the paper, he discusses the role of the Green Agenda itself and its future. Indeed, the so-called Green Deal is the cornerstone of the EU's climate agenda, and the Western Balkans has declared the importance of this agreement by signing the Green Agenda for the Western Balkans (GAWB) in 2011.

Show more PDF | Has the war opened a window of opportunity for EU enlargement? Just an illusion, real change takes time and commitment of all

In the framework of the conference Think Tank Forum: EU enlargement, an article on the views of member and candidate states on EU enlargement was written in cooperation with

Show more | Macedonian identity at risk, EU must help resolve historic disputes with Bulgaria

On the occasion of the Think Tank Forum: EU enlargement conference, an interview with the Macedonian diplomat, politician and foreign policy expert Nikola Dimitrov was conducted. Dimitrov answers questions on issues such as the impact of the Russian invasion on the EU enlargement process and the importance of the Czech Presidency for the Balkan countries.

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Think Tank Forum: EU enlargement

It is with great pleasure to invite you to participate in the EU Enlargement Think-tank Forum: Rethinking Enlargement in times of Geopolitical Earthquakes organized by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in cooperation with other partners between 13th and 14th October 2022 in Prague. Invitation only for in-person participation.

Show more PNG Why is the whole of Europe meeting at the Castle? A six-point summit

What can be expected from the ongoing Prague Summit? What does the meeting of politicians mean and what will it lead to? Prague as European Capital, New European Political Community, Security, No Formalities, Czech Presidency, Gas and Electricity - the six points cover all the most important topics that should be discussed during the meeting. The article is co-authored by our Brussels office manager Žiga Faktor.

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ČTK: Analyst: The main motive of the EC chief's speech was support for Ukraine

In an article by the Czech News Agency (ČTK), two of our experts - Kateřina Davidová and Jana Juzová - comment on the speech of the President of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen. Davidová evaluated mainly the content of the speech concerning energy, while Juzová focused on the issue of strengthening democracy on the European continent and the EU's enlargement towards the Western Balkans.

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EURACTIV: Bosnia prepares for elections, but will go nowhere without reform. Not even closer to the EU

The head of the Brussels office Žiga Faktor commented for EURACTIV. What are the chances of reforming the electoral system in Bosnia? How should parties work on it and what should it include? According to Žiga Faktor, it must not only reflect political proposals and ambitions, but it is necessary to think about what citizens themselves want and how the reform will affect them.

Show more Ukraine's invitation to the EU spoils the bitterness of unfulfilled promises to the Balkans

The news server published a commentary by our Senior Research Fellow Jana Juzová. In her commentary, she discusses Ukraine's candidate status and compares it with the situation in the Balkans, where some countries have been waiting for EU membership for decades.

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RTV: Fall of the bulgarian government

Our research fellow Žiga Faktor commented on the fall of the bulgarian government in the main news programme of Radio Slovakia. The government there lasted only six months in power. One of the reasons for the fall is, among other things, the dispute over EU enlargement. According to our researcher, recent weeks suggest that Sofia is willing to back down from its Veto, which would give the stagnant enlargement process a new impulse. He also mentions that the political instability in the Balkans suits pro-Russian parties.

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