The Western Balkan 6 Advocacy Group: The Balkans with a New Communication Strategy Towards the EU

Our Research Fellow Michal Vít joined the presentation of The Western Balkan 6 Advocacy Group (WB6 AG) strategy on December, 19.

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Western Balkans and the EU Enlargement Process: Main Challenges, Achievements and Expectations

Together with DG NEAR and Particip, we co-organise a panel discussion focused on the EU enlargement process in Western Balkans, its main achievements, challenges and expectations for the future.

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How to restore trust in the EU enlargement in the light of the contemporary challenges

Please accept our invitation to a public discussion focusing on the most important challenges and their implications to the process of the EU enlargement. The EU integration process is facing several significant internal and external challenges - ranging from the Greek debt crisis and the upcoming UK referendum on EU membership to the migration crisis and a resurgent Russia - that must be confronted amid a complex political and economic backdrop.

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