E15 | The much-criticised UN climate summit begins in Dubai. Organisers want to sell oil at the summit

The 28th UN Climate Summit, or COP28, kicks off in Dubai on Thursday. EUROPEUM Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová commented on the summit's direction.

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ČRo Plus I Czech president named one of the most influential European personalities of the year by Politico

The Brussels daily Politico named Petr Pavel one of the most important European political figures of the year. Our senior researcher Vít Havelka commented on the reasons for this designation.

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Internship in our Brussels office (spring/summer 2024)

The EUROPEUM Brussels Office is offering an internship from February 2024 to July 2024. More information about the offer can be found in the attached PDF file.

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RTVS | Post-election negotiations in the Netherlands

Negotiations continue in the Netherlands on the composition of the next government. The rise of far-right parties in European countries may to some extent foreshadow the results of the European Parliament elections next June. Our deputy director Viktor Daněk analysed the post-election situation in an interview with RTVS.

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ČRo Plus | The school strike, Orbán's veto abuse and the European elections

Our deputy director Viktor Daněk prepared a selection of news from Monday's press for the morning broadcast of Czech Radio Plus. He talked, for example, about the major school strike or selected European topics.

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Právo | "Dutch Trump" Wilders haunts Europe

Dutch election winner and head of the far-right Geert Wilders is on the lookout for government participation. His success is not an isolated event, but probably a symptom of an overall rise of the far right in the EU countries. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of the EUROPEUM Institute, discussed the recent Dutch elections in a commentary for the daily Právo.

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SRF | North Korea closes a quarter of its embassies worldwide

North Korea is ending some of its foreign missions, not only in EU countries, such as Angola, Hong Kong, and Spain. Our research associate Tereza Novotná discusses the closure of North Korean embassies in an interview with German radio SRF.

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ČRo Plus | What impact could the outcome of the Dutch elections have on European affairs?

Negotiations on the composition of the new government began in the Netherlands. It is not yet clear whether the winner of the vote, Geert Wilders, will end up joining it. How might the success of his Eurosceptic party affect the country's relationship with the European Union? Our deputy director Viktor Daněk commented on the outcome of the Dutch elections on Czech Radio Plus.

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Deník N | It's a nightmare for Europe, expert assesses the electoral triumph of the Dutch far right

The far-right populist Party for Freedom (PVV) won the Dutch general election. This will not only affect the Netherlands - it will have an impact on the direction of the country itself, but also outline a broader European trend for the upcoming European Parliament elections. Viktor Daněk, deputy director of EUROPEUM, explained to Deník N what all this could mean not only for the Dutch, but also for the European Union, migrants, and Ukraine.

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Report: Impact of the Russian war in Ukraine on European Security Architecture and EU’s Eastern Neighborhood

On October 25th, EUROPEUM’s Brussels Office under the representation of Think Visegrad Brussels and in cooperation with Fondation Robert Schuman organized an expert discussion titled “Impact of the Russian War in Ukraine on European Security Architecture and EU’s Eastern Neighborhood”. This discussion, which was held under the Chatham House rules, gathered 19 experts from think-tanks, EU institutions, NATO and diplomats from EU Member states.

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