ČRo Plus: Viktor Orbán celebrates another electoral victory

Vladimir Bartovic commented on the victory of Viktor Orbán. What does this mean for Hungary, and how strong is Orbán's grip on power?

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Nouvelobs.com: Hungary: what can Brussels do against Viktor Orbán?

Martin Michelot gives his opinion for Nouvelobs.com, on how the European Union could counter Viktor Orbán's efforts.

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Info.cz: Viktor Orbán won the parliamentary elections. What can we expect?

Vladimír Bartovic has commented for Info.cz on the results of the Hungarian parliamentary elections, and gave his opinion on what to expect from Orbán in the future.

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EUobserver: Czech PM Babis courts EU after Zeman win

Our director Vladimir Bartovic commented on the situation after the Czech presidential election 2018 and assessed the position of the Czech PM Andrej Babiš towards the EU.

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Poland at the crossroads?

Our Lucie Horáčková in her newest blog deals with the issue of the reforms enforced in Poland by the Law and Justice Party since 2015.

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Foreign Policy: Likely Next Czech Prime Minister Will Get Along Great With Trump

In an interview for Foreign Policy, our director Vladimír Bartovic commented on Sobotka's recent attempt to tender the resignation of his entire coalition government.

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ČRo Plus: Hungary's new higher education law

In an interview for ČRo Plus, our director Vladimír Bartovic commented on the disputes over Hungary's new higher education law.

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EU vs. Orbán - Fighting for Democracy within the EU

Hungary's democracy and rule of law might be threatened by Viktor Orbán's actions. What mechanisms could or should the EU implement to ensure that demoracy of its member state is not jeopardized? Find out in the policy paper written by Zuzana Stuchlíková.

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Three myths about refugees, immigrants and the European refugee crisis

The refugee crisis has highlighted hitherto latent divisions within the EU, particularly amongst the V4 countries and Western Europe. The division is, at first glance, rooted in fundamentally differing perceptions of the crisis, giving rise to several myths whose veracity merits questioning. This blog will seek to challenge three of the most popular misconceptions about the refugee crisis.

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Is Poland truly on the verge of a conservative Armageddon?

Michal Vít's take on the Polish parliamentary elections.

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