INVITATION: The Migration Crisis and the EU: Quotas as a Solution?

We would like to cordially invite you on the debate tackling the topic of migration and the EU, which will take place on June 30, 2017, from 16:00 at Café Náplavka (Náměstí 5. května 835, Hradec Králové).

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ČRo: Juncker's visit of Czech Republic

Our director Vladimir Bartovic commented in an interview for the visit of European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Prague and his message to the Czech Republic.

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EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy director, Vladimír Bartovic, commented on forthcoming Slovak presidency in the Council of the EU.

Show more Refugee quotas. Slovakia won't get away from this topic

Vladimír Bartovic offered his views on the role of the migration question in the upcoming Slovak EU presidency.

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ČT24: Czech Republic to reject quotas once again

Vladimír Bartovic was in Studio ČT24 yesterday. He commented on position of the Czech Republic and the V4 countries towards the quotas. Furthermore, he talked about international law and EU-Turkey deal.

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ČRo Plus: Refugee crisis and EU-Turkey summit

EUROPEUM’s research fellow Michal Vít spoke in Rozhovory a komentáře about yesterday’s EU summit with Turkey, Ankara’s increasing demands and possible voluntary and involuntary quotas.

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Three myths about refugees, immigrants and the European refugee crisis

The refugee crisis has highlighted hitherto latent divisions within the EU, particularly amongst the V4 countries and Western Europe. The division is, at first glance, rooted in fundamentally differing perceptions of the crisis, giving rise to several myths whose veracity merits questioning. This blog will seek to challenge three of the most popular misconceptions about the refugee crisis.

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Czech Republic: A desire to accommodate British demands, but without treaty changes

How do various members of the EU view UK´s ‪‎renegotiation‬? Director of Europeum Vladimír Bartovic explains the Czech point of view on the LSE blog.

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View from Prague: Czech disinterest, despite challenges posed

Michal Vít looks at the Czech Republic's reactions to the recent Polish parliamentary elections.

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EurActiv: Diplomatic pressure?

Radomír Špok's commentary on the threat to limit funds for the countries refusing the refugee quotas.

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