A View from Central Europe: What does Brexit mean for the Czech Republic?

Vladimír Bartovic spoke for Central European Policy Institute (CEPI) about Czech perspective on possible implications of Brexit for the future of European integration.

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ČT24: Brexit aftermath talks. Who is missing?

Michal Vít was a guest on ČT24 the 13th of July. He spoke about the summit on Brexit aftermath, that is to be held at the end of August by Germany, Italy and France, whose president, Francois Hollande, invited the other two European leaders.

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Public Debate: Holding Europe together after the Paris attacks: united we stand?

We would like to kindly invite you to a public debate on the aftermath of the recent Paris terrorist attacks.

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Denník N: Paris attacks and the refugee crisis

Our head of research, Martin Michelot, offers his analysis of the Paris terrorist attacks and their aftermath to a Slovakian newspaper Denník N.

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Have the Portuguese approved the reform program of their government?

Another post-election blog, this time about the fragile Portuguese coalition coming into life.

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