EU enlargement: The stalemate could be unblocked by a solution that is beginning to emerge across Europe

Our senior researcher Jana Juzová wrote an article for server about the Brussels summit of EU leaders. In her commentary, she discusses in more detail what topics were on the agenda and whether the question of future EU enlargement was answered.

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RTV: Fall of the bulgarian government

Our research fellow Žiga Faktor commented on the fall of the bulgarian government in the main news programme of Radio Slovakia. The government there lasted only six months in power. One of the reasons for the fall is, among other things, the dispute over EU enlargement. According to our researcher, recent weeks suggest that Sofia is willing to back down from its Veto, which would give the stagnant enlargement process a new impulse. He also mentions that the political instability in the Balkans suits pro-Russian parties.

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TA3: Summit to decide Ukraine's fate

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, in an interview for TA3 commented on Ukraine's possible membership in the European Union and the related views of the member states. The original critics of enlargement are now beginning to show support, but status alone is no guarantee of certain membership. What is the decisive factor at the moment?

Show more Comment: Ukraine in the EU? The biggest risk is empty promises

Our Research Fellow Jana Juzova commented on Ukraine's EU integration. Ukraine's economic level and lack of progress in democratic reforms, among other factors, complicate the EU's enlargement to include Ukraine. Accession would affect the flow of money redistributed from European funds, and Ukraine's membership would also have an impact on the EU Council's voting deliberations and the number of MEP seats.

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ČT24: EC to recommend Ukraine's EU candidacy

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, commented for Czech Television on Ukraine's accession negotiations to the EU, whether it meets the requirements and how the other countries seeking accession are doing.

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INVITATION: Café Evropa online: EU enlargement - when will the Western Balkan countries see their EU membership?

We invite you to a debate as part of the Café Evropa series, this time on the topic "EU enlargement - when will the Western Balkan countries see their membership in the Union?". The debate will take place on 7 June at 17:30 online on our Facebook profile.

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Job offer: Director of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, the leading think-tank on European policy within the Czech Republic with offices in Prague and Brussels, is looking for a Director. For more information, including requirements, please see the attached PDF.

Show more PDF Ukraine, Georgia and Moldova are claiming their place in the European Union. Will there be an Eastern Enlargement 2.0?

The European Union's enlargement policy experienced a shock at the end of February when Russia-attacked Ukraine applied for EU membership. In the following days, Georgia and Moldova - other Eastern European countries with European aspirations and under imminent threat from Moscow - did the same without hesitation. Ukraine's application in particular was met with a very positive reaction from the EU. Our researcher Jana Juzová writes for

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ČRo Plus: Ukraine applies to join the European Union. Is its membership just wishful thinking or is it actually on the agenda?

Our researcher Jana Juzová spoke on Český Rozhlas Plus about Ukraine's application to the European Union, which was submitted last week. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky submitted the application, which was subsequently supported by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and the entire eastern wing of the Union. Is Ukraine's starting position problematic? How likely is it that candidate status will be granted? And which members are traditionally against the enlargement of the Union?

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REPORT: Online roundtable discussion: Media freedom in Serbia and the Western Balkans and its role in democratic society and European integration

An online roundtable discussion took place on 17 December, and you can read a report on its proceedings. The discussion focused on media freedom in Serbia and Western Balkans.

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