Gas pipeline from Poland, oil pipeline from Italy. Czech Republic to borrow billions for projects

The Czech Republic wants to borrow tens of billions through the National Recovery Plan for projects such as the gas pipeline from Poland or the strengthening of the oil pipeline from Italy. The money will come from the European Recovery and Resilience Facility, which should make the loan profitable. Not all projects have been given the green light by the European Commission. Funding for the Dukovany hot water pipeline has been put on hold. Our Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka commented on this topic.

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POLICY PAPER | Gendering Europe’s Security and Recovery Responses to Ukraine

The policy paper, written by Míla O’Sullivan, illustrates that to centre the gender dimension and women’s voices in all aspects of Europe’s security and recovery responses to Ukraine are areas with the most serious gendered impacts and identifies the risks of gender-oblivious responses to Ukraine’s peaceful and sustainable future as well as to its European integration.

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E15: Dutch PM wants to take EU money away from Poland. He wants to freeze Dutch money from Poland

Zdeněk Beranek, Director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, commented for the news portal E15 on the statement of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the rejection of the Polish National Recovery Plan. Poland would lose €36 billion, roughly CZK 914 billion, in EU funds. However, according to Zdeněk Beránek, such a scenario is not imminent.

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EngagEU -

The EngagEU ( project aims to promote citizens' involvement in the issues of green transformation and post-pandemic recovery of Europe by creating a space for their active participation in an open discussion on key issues for the European Union and the Czech Republic. Through an interactive web-based environment, it offers the general public the opportunity to gain an understanding of the European Parliament, its work and current activities that have an impact on the daily lives of citizens. The project is implemented by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and with the support of the European Parliament.

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INVITATION: EU ± // National Recovery Plan

We invite you to the EU debate ± on the National Recovery Plan presented by the Czech government in April this year. The debate is organized with the support of Jean Monnet Chair TeDEUSS - Teaching and debating EU small states' security at FSV UK and co-financed by the European Union's Europe for Citizens program.

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TA3: Blocking of Recovery Fund

The director of our Institute Vladimír Bartovic was a guest of the TA3 television on Thursday. He commented on the current situation regarding the European budget and Recovery Fund, which aims to help the EU countries in post-pandemic recovering.

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Vít Havelka: Odpověď na článek Lenky Zlámalové „Pod Andrejem Babišem se z Česka poprvé stává financiér EU“

Náš výzkumník Vít Havelka je autorem textu, kterým reaguje na článek Lenky Zlámalové z platformy Echo Prime. Týká se statusu České republiky v rámci otázky čistých plátců/příjemců v rozpočtu Evropské unie. Celý text si můžete přečíst níže či skrze PDF tlačítko na pravé straně.

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Euractiv: V4 mayors are lobbying in Brussels for money from the recovery fund. Does the metropolitan alliance have a chance of success?

For Euractiv, Jana Juzová commented on the efforts of the alliance of mayors of the Visegrad Group to obtain money from the recovery fund for metropolises.

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Rádio Slovensko: EU leaders agreed on recovery fund

n Tuesday's (July 21st) broadcast of Rádio Slovensko, the director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, Vladimír Bartovic, commented on the topic of the recovery fund, the form and division of finances which were agreed upon by the leaders of the European Union member states after the Special European Council.

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ČT24: Recovery Fund for EU countries

On Tuesday, July 21, our research fellow Vít Havelka was one of the guests of the television broadcast called 90’ ČT24. The topic of his comment was the Recovery Fund and also the questions of what criteria the Czech Republic must meet in order to achieve the financial help from it.

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