The exception to the embargo is a birthday present for Orban, says a researcher at the Europeum think-tank

Our research fellow Michal Hrubý gave an interview to on the topic of oil imports to Europe and exceptions to the embargo. In the interview, he also describes the compromises in the negotiations on the form of the embargo.

Show more The Germans and the Dutch are looking for a replacement for Russian gas wherever possible. They also want to mine in the North Sea area

The newly announced possibility of gas extraction in the North Sea will not solve the current situation. "In the medium and long term, it is only one of many solutions to diversify resources. But the question is whether it will have a significant impact on the European gas market and European independence." However, raw material extraction projects in the EU must be supported.

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E15: Dutch PM wants to take EU money away from Poland. He wants to freeze Dutch money from Poland

Zdeněk Beranek, Director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, commented for the news portal E15 on the statement of Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the rejection of the Polish National Recovery Plan. Poland would lose €36 billion, roughly CZK 914 billion, in EU funds. However, according to Zdeněk Beránek, such a scenario is not imminent.

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Polish abortion law: implications for European integration and transatlantic cooperation

In her blog post, Magdalena Rubin discusses the Polish abortion law and its implications for European integration and transatlantic cooperation.

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Europeum and COVID-19

Explore our publications, events and other activities concerning the pandemic and its consequences.

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CT24: Brand and position of the V4 in the EU

Our Zuzana Stuchlíková was a guest of Thursday afternoon Události a komentáře CT24. The subject of her commentary was the brand and position of the V4 in the EU.

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CT24: Brexit and early UK elections

Our Vladimír Bartovic was a guest of Monday afternoon Studio CT24. The subjects of his commentary were early elections in the UK and Brexit.

Show more Climate or economy protection. Plans of the new European government.

Our Vladimír Bartovic wrote article for

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Evaluation of the Czech EU policy in 2018

Vít Havelka and Louis Cox-Brusseau published a policy paper evaluating the Czech EU policy in 2018

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Hospodárske noviny: Putin can dissolve cabinet and parliament. What are differences between heads of states‘ powers?

Our Martin Michelot commented on the French semi-presidential system for the Hospodárske noviny daily.

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