Policy Paper: Between Pragmatism and Principles – EU and the Consolidation of Authoritarianism in its Southern Neighbourhood

Sara Nowacka's publication "Between Pragmatism and Principles - The EU and the Consolidation of Authoritarianism in its Southern Neighbourhood" was published as part of a study stay in the Brussels office of the Think Visegrad platform. It highlights the way in which the EU's policy towards its southern neighbourhood has changed since the Arab Spring.

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POLICY PAPER: Analysing EU’s Sahel strategies: A civilian approach in the era of pragmatism

In the new Policy Paper Vojtěch Freitag deals with developments in the vast African Sahel region, which are a concern for the European policymakers. His paper presents a recommendation to a specific aspect that remains challenging.

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The V4 and the European Defence Initiatives

Gergely Varga published an interesting policy paper as a part of Think Visegrad platform. He focused on the differences in approaches of V4 countries towards EU and NATO, while also finding common traits which could serve as valuable inputs to the discussion about the future of European defence.

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Policy report: Charting a new path for a reinforced and improved V4-France cooperation

We're publishing the final policy report from the project: Charting a new path for V4-France cooperation, which was written by sixteen invited experts including our Martin Michelot.

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EU-China relations – the challenge of combining principles and pragmatism

Blog by Geoffrey Harris, European Parliament veteran and Professor at College of Europe in Bruges, addresses the relation between the European Union and China as well as its significance for the future of European integration.

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