EU MONITOR: The new Slovak government: An exemplary to the rest of the V4 amidst global crises?

The new direction of the Slovak political scene and the significance of this development within the Visegrad region: that is the topic our Miroslava Pěčková deals with in her latest EU Monitor.

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EURACTIV: European leaders supported the accession of Western Balkans countries to EU, but specific promises are missing

Our Jana Juzová commented on in the article "European leaders supported the accession of Western Balkans countries to EU, but specific promises are missing."

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Euractiv: EU won't reach agreement on Multiannual Financial Framework until end of 2019, experts concur

Our analytic Vít Havelka contributed to the article about Multiannual Financial Framework for 2021–2027. He does not expect long-term budget's approval until the end of the year but is positive about its orientation and the Czech Republic's position.

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E15: Dropping charges against Babiš can strengthen his position in EU

Director of our institute, Vladimír Bartovic, gave an interview to daily E15, in which he explained the position of European Union towards the dropping of charges against the Czech PM. Will European institutions intervene in the case? Is the Czech judiciary perceived as an independent? Why can Mr. Babiš's position in Europe get stronger?

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Slovak presidential elections: A country at a crossroads between progression and regression

Our Miroslava Pěčková wrote a blog focusing on the 2019 Slovak presidential elections.

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Slovakia: possible crisis of democratic society?

Our Alexandra Visnerova analyses, in her latest blog, the aftermath of the murder of an investigative journalist and his fiancée in Slovakia.

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Le Temps: False departure of the Slovak prime minister

Vladimír Bartovic commented for the Swiss journal Le Temps, on the political situation in relation to the homicide of two journalist in Slovakia.

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EurActiv: Europe invites member states to the core of the EU, Czechs hesitate and therefore are heading for the periphery

Our Vladimír Bartovic contibuted with a commentary to the article by Lukáš Hendrych.

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iRozhlas: The French are voting again, Macron's movement is leading

In an interview for iRozhlas, our deputy director Martin Michelot commented on the recent second round of parliamentary elections in France. What should we know about the French parliamentary elections, and what impact does it have on the country?

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RTVS: Brexit summit

In an interview for SRo, our director Vladimír Bartovic commented on Brexit and the development in the negotiations.

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