Seznam zprávy | Will Ukraine join the EU in 2030? A consolation for Kyiv and a signal for Moscow

Talks on Ukraine's integration into the European Union are about to begin, and despite the proclamations, the date of entry cannot be set in advance. Žiga Faktor, head of the Brussels office of the EUROPEUM Institute, emphasized that the latest proclamations on Ukraine's EU membership reflect a shift in the approach of member countries to EU enlargement.

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E15: Ukraine has been resisting Russian aggression for six months. A severe winter will test Western solidarity.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on for half a year. Despite constant fighting and pressure from Russia on Ukraine, the Russian Federation has failed to conquer Kiev. On the surface, it may appear that the war has stalled, but this is merely a deliberate tactic by Ukraine not to engage in major operations, but to wear down the Russian army. Western unity may be affected by new leadership in Italy and the UK, for example. However, the Czech Republic can play an important role, as it currently holds the Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Our researcher Danielle Piatkiewicz also commented on the topic.

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The news server published a commentary by our Senior Research Fellow Jana Juzová. In her commentary, she discusses Ukraine's candidate status and compares it with the situation in the Balkans, where some countries have been waiting for EU membership for decades.

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E15: Candidate status is just a gesture. Ukraine will join the European Union decades from now

Senior Research Fellow Jana Juzová commented for on the topic of Ukraine's EU membership. The launch of the accession process was supported by the European Commission, but also by some EU member states - for example, Germany, France, Italy and, of course, the Czech Republic.

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Our Research Fellow Jana Juzova commented on Ukraine's EU integration. Ukraine's economic level and lack of progress in democratic reforms, among other factors, complicate the EU's enlargement to include Ukraine. Accession would affect the flow of money redistributed from European funds, and Ukraine's membership would also have an impact on the EU Council's voting deliberations and the number of MEP seats.

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Is the EU moving closer to Ukraine? Why mutual perceptions matter

Earlier in November, EUROPEUM had the pleasure to organize a panel discussion on the EU and Ukraine, involving Štefan Füle and Václav Lídl and two distinguished Ukrainian speakers, Oleksii Haran and Maria Zolkina of the Democratic Initiatives Foundation (DIF).

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