iDnes: Even nuclear energy and gas? Europe faces a key clash over what counts as green

Our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová commented for on the EU taxonomy proposal that was rejected last week by two key committees of the European Parliament. They are concerned that nuclear energy and natural gas should be among the sustainable resources.

Show more Europe's disconnection from Russian energy as a signal

Our research fellow Michal Hrubý commented for on the preparation of the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions. Michal Hrubý sees the situation as a clear signal to promote nuclear energy and renewable sources, while the extraction of own raw materials will be inevitable.

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Čro Plus: Priorities of the French Presidency and meeting with the V4

What can the upcoming French Presidency of the Council of the European Union mean for the Czech Republic, especially given that it will be immediately followed by the Czech Presidency? Can it be assumed that France and the V4 countries will converge on energy issues and move away from, for example, Germany, which is striving for nuclear-free and carbon-free energy? Does nuclear energy have the potential to become green energy for the French? How do France and the V4 countries need or not need Nord Stream 2? These and other questions were answered by analyst Kateřina Davidová on Czech Radio.

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EURACTIV: Is nuclear energy harmful for climate? Brussels has not decided yet, Czechia remains awaiting

Our research fellow Kateřina Davidová commented on the issue of nuclear energy for server EURACTIV.

Show more Climate neutrality? It will not be reached without nuclear energy, says a study initiated by Members of the European Parliament

Our research fellow Kateřina Davidová commented for the server on a study initiated by four MEPs concerning the climate neutrality, which focuses on the case of the Czech Republic and the Netherlands. Davidová emphasized that the goal of climate neutrality applies to the European Union as such, not to its individual member states.

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Why nuclear alone is not the answer to climate change?

Our intern Eleni Vlachopulosová explores, in her latest blog, the question of "Why nuclear alone is not the answer to climate change?".

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Electricity has to be primarily competitive

Michal Vít interviewed Miroslav Marvan, former director of OTE. In the interview for, they discussed for instance the implications of low electricity prices, renewable energy subsidies, or the use of modern technologies.

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