National Convention on the EU | Recommendations: Energy market review

Our Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka elaborated recommendations resulting from the roundtable discussion of the National Convention on the EU held on 31 March 2023 on the topic "Energy Market Review". Among the recommendations made for the Czech Republic are, for example, to define its energy concept well in the light of the regional context and European energy policy. Another recommendation is that the Czech Republic should continue to incentivise energy savings as a key part of its preparedness for next winter, in line with the extension of the Regulation on coordinated measures to reduce gas demand.

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The solution to the energy problems related to the war in Ukraine and Russian gas supplies was clear to the EU. It will lie in energy savings and, above all, in clean energy sources. What will energy reform look like and what plans does the EU have? Our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová commented on the Green Deal and the impact of the Czech Presidency on this topic.

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Český rozhlas: Czech households and companies are failing to save on electricity compared to gas

While businesses and households can save gas, they are not doing so with electricity. Why is that? A study on this topic has been produced and commented on by its co-author and our researcher Michal Hrubý for the Czech Radio stations ČRo Plus and Radiožurnál.

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Stačí málo: By turning down the heating by 1°C, we can save significantly

Our researcher Michal Hrubý was a guest on the podcast Stačí málo, presented by Generali Česká pojišt'ovna. He answered questions about the energy sector and the energy crisis. In the podcast you will learn, among other things, how to manage energy efficiently in households and what mistakes to avoid if you want to save money on energy.

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Gas in numbers | European gas solidarity: where does the Czech Republic stand? | UPDATED

European Union countries are facing a period of gas consumption cuts. Although the proposal agreed by Member States aims for a voluntary reduction of 15% in consumption in the coming months compared to the average of the past five years, the pressure for even greater savings will grow. And not only in natural gas consumption, but also in electricity. Our researcher Michal Hrubý has written an overview of gas and its use in the Czech Republic, in which he highlights the need for savings to help us get through this year's heating season and answers several questions related to gas consumption. Where does the Czech Republic stand on gas? What are our supplies and where to get new capacity? And how can we save for next winter? These questions are also answered in the review. We will update the overview gradually (originally published on 1 August 2022).

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E15: The Kremlin wants to use gas to break up the European Union. Experts say it will not succeed

Russia's Nord Stream 1 pipeline has been operating at only 20 % capacity since Wednesday. According to Bloomberg, Russia will not restore supplies to full capacity as long as anti-Russian sanctions remain in place. Our researcher Michal Hrubý commented for that with sufficient gas supplies and appropriate savings, we will definitely get through this winter.

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Český rozhlas plus: European Green Deal

Kateřina Davidová, research fellow from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy for Český rozhlas Plus about the decarbonisation of the economy, could bring high savings for Czech Republic.

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POLICY PAPER: Waste as a cause of climate change: what to do with it?

Štěpán Vaškevič in his policy paper examines an often neglected activity in climate policies - waste management and its impact on climate change. How is the Czech republic really standing when it comes to this phenomena? And what are the further perspectives?

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Can the V4’s Priorities shape “Europe’s Priorities”?

Almadi Sejla, as part of the project Think Visegrad, published a policy brief on the role of V4 within EU’s Multiannual Financial Framework 2021 - 2027 priorities.

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