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The EngagEU (Zapojse.eu) project aims to promote citizens' involvement in the issues of green transformation and post-pandemic recovery of Europe by creating a space for their active participation in an open discussion on key issues for the European Union and the Czech Republic. Through an interactive web-based environment, it offers the general public the opportunity to gain an understanding of the European Parliament, its work and current activities that have an impact on the daily lives of citizens.
The project is implemented by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and with the support of the European Parliament.

Project goals: 

  • EUROPEUM Institute's research over the past year has highlighted that the topic of green transformation and economic recovery from the covid-19 pandemic will require special attention this year.
  • The EngagEU (Zapojse.eu) project, therefore, focuses primarily on the meaningful engagement of Czech citizens in the issues of green transformation and post-pandemic recovery by providing relevant information on these topics and current developments in addressing these issues at the European Union level.

Project activities:

The EngagEU (Zapojse.eu) project seeks to engage citizens in an open debate on the issues of post-pandemic recovery and green transformation of Europe as well as to promote active education on the work of the European Parliament, as the only directly elected body of the European Union, through an interactive web-based environment.

What you can find on the project website:

  • An information section containing useful information about the European Parliament and its activities, the green transformation process, and the post-pandemic recovery of Europe.
  • A section providing information on current events in the European Parliament.
  • The results of a survey conducted by STEM Institute of Empirical Research on the views of Czech society on the topics of green transformation and post-pandemic recovery and the role of the European Union, which also includes an accompanying infographic.
  • A quiz containing questions from the survey, in which visitors to the website can compare their opinion with the rest of Czech society.
  • The project website will gradually add 24 video interviews with Czech and foreign MEPs, which will be complemented by fact-checking conducted by Demagog.cz.
  • At the same time, we are cooperating with Deník.cz, on whose website you will be able to find monthly articles reflecting on the interviews with MEPs conducted within the EngagEU project (Zapojse.eu).

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The project is co-funded by the European Union under the European Parliament's Communication Subsidy Programme. The European Parliament has not been involved in its preparation and is not responsible for or bound by the information, data, or opinions expressed in the project, as only the authors, interviewees, publishers or broadcasters of the programme are responsible for them in accordance with the relevant law. The European Parliament cannot be held liable for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from the implementation of the project.

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