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EngagEU (

Our new project to involve citizens in the green transformation and post-pandemic recovery of Europe.

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Talking Europe(um) – podcast about Europe and EU

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Prague European Summit 2021: 12–14 July

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About the organisation

EUROPEUM is an independent think-tank focused on the European integration process. We conduct original research and organise public activities. We also formulate new ideas and recommendations to improve domestic and European policy.

We organize regular seminars, debates, conferences, workshops and round tables focused on current European topics.
Our long-term projects help to raise awareness of the European Union and strengthen international cooperation.
Our research team publishes articles responding to topics related to European integration and more.


INVITATION: What EU do we want to have in 2025? - European Trade Policy

We would like to invite you to another debate from the series "What EU do we want to have in 2025?" This time we will discuss the topic of European Trade Policy. The debate will take place on Thursday, 17 June 2021 from 17:30.

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INVITATION: EU ± // European foreign policy in the context of Belarus

We invite you to the EU debate ± on the European foreign policy in the Belarusian context. The debate is organized with the support of Jean Monnet Chair TeDEUSS - Teaching and debating EU small states' security at FSV UK and co-financed by the European Union's Europe for Citizens program.

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INVITATION: Café Evropa Online: The future of railway transport - when will we run high-speed trains in the Czech Republic?

We invite you to another debate within the Café Evropa series, this time on the topic: "The future of railway transport - when will we run high-speed trains in the Czech Republic?" The debate is organized by the European Commission in the Czech Republic and the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy in cooperation with Eurocentrum Prague. The media partner of the debate is Dení

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INVITATION: Conference on the Future of Europe opening

We cordially invite you to the Opening Ceremony of the Conference on the Future of Europe! Vladimír Bartovic, director of our institute, will also speak among 10 personalities who will answer 10 questions about the future of Europe from 10 different groups of Czech groups of citizens.

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EngagEU -

The EngagEU ( project aims to promote citizens' involvement in the issues of green transformation and post-pandemic recovery of Europe by creating a space for their active participation in an open discussion on key issues for the European Union and the Czech Republic. Through an interactive web-based environment, it offers the general public the opportunity to gain an understanding of the European Parliament, its work and current activities that have an impact on the daily lives of citizens. The project is implemented by EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy and with the support of the European Parliament.

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Café Evropa a Café Evropa in regions

The long-successful format of the Café Evropa debate has been running since 2015. The aim is to mediate discussions on European issues and the position of the Czech Republic in the EU to the general public. The discussing guests of Café Evropa are experts on the issue and representatives of European and Czech institutions. Since 2017, debates have been held not only in Prague but also in the Czech regions.

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Talking Europe(um) – podcast about Europe and the EU

Talking Europe(um) is a podcast which comments on current issues in the European Union. List of episodes, as well as information about where you can listen to the podcast, is in the article.

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Prague European Summit

Prague European Summit serves as a platform for strategic dialogue about common responses to EU's challenges since 2015. The project is co-organized by the Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM and Institute of International Relations, Prague, and every year many experts on the EU topics attend the Summit.

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Articles and publications

EU MONITOR: Conference on the Future of Europe: Czech Perspective

In the new EU MONITOR, our research fellow Vít Havelka comments on the Conference on the Future of Europe from the perspective of the Czech Republic. He mentions the approach of the Czech government and the public to the policies debated at the Conference.

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RECOMMENDATION: National Convention on EU Affairs: Strategic autonomy of the European Union

We bring you a summary and recommendations resulting from the National Convention on the EU on strategic autonomy of the European Union, which took place on May 22 in the online environment and of which our institute is a guarantor.

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POLICY BRIEF: A 10-billion deal: The European Innovation Council to finance and accelerate breakthrough technologies across Europe

In the final part of the EUROPEUM series on the Innovation pillar of Horizon Europe, our Associate Research Fellow Katarína Svitková focuses on the European Innovation Council (EIC), officially launched in March 2021.

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POLICY PAPER: What to expect from the new climate and energy package Fit for 55?

In another Policy Paper, this time from Lucie Vinařská, who has long been dealing with the Czech Republic's approach to environmental protection in the EU, we present a new climate and energy package called Fit for 55, which aims to virtually reduce emissions to 55% compared to 1990.

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In the media

Český rozhlas Plus: Climate neutrality will hurt, but most importantly, the whole world must work together.

Our research fellow Kateřina Davidová was a guest on the Zaostřeno program, where she discussed key issues during international climate negotiations.

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Hospodářské Noviny: What are the benefits that Czechia get from membership in the EU

Vladimír Bartovic, Director of the Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM, together with Věra Jourová - Vice-President of the European Commission and Petr Kaniok of Masaryk University, was asked how he perceives the Czech Republic's participation in the EU and what this pact brought best.

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Rozhlas Plus: Russia is pushing barriers in South Ossetia by hundreds of meters at night, Georgian ambassador warns

Our research associate Věra Řiháčková Pachta commented on the current situation in South Ossetia in relation to NATO. In her comments she also mentions the ineffective policy of appeasement of the North Atlantic Alliance towards Russia.

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Radio Z: International pressure on the Lukashenko regime will escalate.

Martin Vokálek, Deputy Director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, commented on the current Belarusian incident.

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