Youth Conference in Prague

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, in cooperation with the European Parliament office in the Czech Republic, is organising the first Youth Conference in Prague for students at Czech middle schools and universities, which will be part of the activities of the conference on the Future of Europe. The conference aims to provide young people with a platform and opportunities to be part of the Europe-wide discussions on the future of Europe.

Students will during this year´s Youth Conference in Prague, taking place from 3rd to 5th of November, gain detailed information and knowledge about the key topics of the Conference on the future of Europe. Mainly they will discuss the topics of climate change and the environment, the stance and future of the Czech Republic in the European Union, the future of EU foreign policy or the state of European democracy.

The participants will at first develop their knowledge via interactive workshops with the leading experts in their areas. Then they will have the opportunity to discuss these questions with the key players of the decision making processes and the representatives of the Czech and EU institutions during closed roundtables. The whole conference will finish with a public panel debate, broadcasted online, during which chosen participants and representatives of the youth will introduce their recommendations to the EU institutions representatives and other guests.

If you are between 15 and 26 years old and interested in joining the conference, please apply by filling out the form, via this link, by the 8th of October. As part of the application, you will have to answer the question The future challenges for the EU - how to face and solve them. Your answers can be sent in the form of a shorter essay or video, or the form of a poster vi the application form. The contributions will be judged by a commission composed of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy representatives, who will then choose 20 students at middle schools and universities to participate in the conference.

The application criteria are age between 15 and 26 years, enrolment at a high school or university, ability to communicate and understand Czech or Slovak and ability to participate in the conference in-person in Prague. Accommodation and travel costs within the Czech republic for participants out of Prague and catering and other costs will be covered by the organizers. In case of any questions contact the project manager Kristína Chlebáková at

Thank you for your applications. We will inform all candidates no later than 13th of October.

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