INVITATION: Civic education in Czech schools - a priority for all or a "Cinderella" in school timetables?

Citizens today live in constantly and rapidly changing social and political conditions and face increasing threats to fundamental values such as peace, freedom, equality and human rights. The impact of civic education and how it is conceived in Czech schools will be the topic of the next Café Evropa debate.


  • Petr Čáp, representative of the Centre for Civic Education
  • Ondřej Lánský, Head of the Department of Civic Education and Philosophy, Faculty of Education, Charles University in Prague
  • Petra Slámováteacher of Civic Education, vice-president of the Association of Teachers of Civic Education and Social Sciences

Host: Luboš Palata, Dení

#Schools #Civics

Kristína Chlebáková
Project Manager

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