Strategic partnership for a secure and digital Europe | Forging a digitally advanced future with deepened transatlantic cooperation

Our Danielle Piatkiewicz contributed with her chapter on "Securing a Digital Future" to the publication "Strategic partnership for a secure and digital
Europe", published by the Centre for European Perspective. Danielle and other authors have created a publication on transatlantic cooperation and its impact on the digital future.

As geostrategic competitors like Russia and China continue to compete, rival, and govern the tech space, it remains vital for strategic partners to align to secure the digital space. To set the global standard and regulate the digital space, the United States (US) and the European Union (EU) should continue to focus on developing a shared set of values and democratic principles to define the digital policy space. This should include tackling the most pressing issues around digital technologies, from cyber hacking, artificial intelligence (AI), and internet regulation to data protection. However, diverging policies among the transatlantic allies have thus far prevented them from achieving a unified approach.

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Danielle Piatkiewicz
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Areas of expertise: Transatlantic and Central and Eastern European foreign and security relations, democracy promotion and NATO.

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