E15: Carbon tariff will help European producers, experts say. China and Russia criticize proposal

According to world agencies, the European Parliament and the EU-27 are close to reaching a preliminary agreement on the so-called carbon tariff. The instrument, known as CBAM, is intended to prevent companies that produce in the European Union and have to pay for emission allowances there from being disadvantaged against companies from non-EU countries where climate regulations are looser. According to experts, the mechanism will mainly affect Russian companies. Our researcher Kateřina Davidová also commented on this issue.

"If the mechanism is adopted, it will be the first time ever that European climate policy will also affect non-EU countries."

"The CBAM should replace the free allowances that European industry receives to cover part of its greenhouse gas emissions. Both mechanisms serve to protect European companies from competition from abroad, and if they coexisted, it would be contrary to free trade rules."

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Kateřina Davidová
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