REPORT | EU-Pacific Talks: Be small and beautiful - future of nuclear energy?

This year's third debate in a series of expert discussions on the EU's relations with the Pacific occurred online on Tuesday, 28 March 2023. The guests offered their views on nuclear energy trends, outlook, and small modular reactors' role in energy and industry sectors. Read more about this debate in the report by Petra Pospíšilová.

The topic of nuclear energy is a subject of great debate and discussion, with its potential benefits, such as providing a reliable source of baseload power without significant greenhouse gas emissions, being a key focus point. However, addressing the challenges associated with nuclear energy, such as safety concerns and radioactive waste management, is equally important. Moreover, it is crucial to consider the need for robust regulatory frameworks to ensure that nuclear power is developed and used responsibly and safely. Despite these challenges, experts believe atomic energy can be critical in achieving climate neutrality by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting energy security. Furthermore, nuclear power can be utilised beyond electricity production, such as industrial heat and hydrogen production. Small modular reactors are a promising development in nuclear technology. They are designed to be built in smaller sizes and to meet the energy demand while addressing carbon reduction concerns.

Read the report here 

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Petra Pospíšilová
Office and Project Coordinator

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