EURACTIV: European cities face heatwaves. How are they combating it and what can the Czech Republic learn?

Cities in southern and western Europe are adapting to summer heatwaves. What measures are they taking to protect their citizens? In an article for EURACTIV, EUROPEUM Institute Associate Katarína Svitková describes the situation.

"The solution can be found on two levels, leaving aside the effort to reverse climate change itself. Firstly, climate adaptation, or adapting the urban landscape to retain sufficient water and moisture. In simple terms, this can be achieved through investment in so-called blue and green infrastructure. The second level of solution, or rather response to acute urban heat, is immediate actions to mitigate the impacts on the city and its inhabitants."

Read the full article in Czech here.

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Katarína Svitková
Associate Research Fellow

Expertise: Climate policy, sustainability, city resilience and urban governance, security policy, international higher education

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