INVITATION | Europe in the grip of crises - What next?

We cordially invite you to a debate with Andrej Stančík on the topic "Europe in the grip of crises - What next?", which will take place on Monday 13th February at 18:00. The debate will take place in the premises of PKC (Prague Creative Centre)

In recent years, Europe and the European Union have faced one crisis after another - from the COVID-19 pandemic and its associated economic and social changes to the Russian aggression against Ukraine, high inflation and the energy crisis. But Europe's history shows that periods of crisis are also opportunities for reform and progress in key areas. During the debates at the Future of Europe conference, EU citizens favoured changes in the areas of democracy and values, climate and environment, the EU's role in the world, health and strengthening the European economy.

Where are we heading as a Union, and what lessons can we learn from the current situation? As we approach the anniversary of the Russian aggression against Ukraine, how will the war on the European continent change the direction of the EU? Which areas are priorities for young people, and how do young people in our region actually see the future of Europe?
Andrej Stančík, State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of the Slovak Republic, will answer these questions in a discussion with students and young professionals.
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