Visegrad Insight Podcast: A Warning Sign for the Czech Governing Coalition

Zuzana Stuchlíková, Associate Research Fellow at Europeum, is a host in Visegrad Insight Podcast, discussing Czech elections in October and explaining to us what are Czechia's foreign policy priorities in the EU but also with particular reference to the rule of law.

Show more There is going to be enough money for Czech Republic from EU budget. However, we still don´t know how to use them

Our research fellow Vít Havelka in his latest article published by the news portal commented on the Czech approach to the recently agreed EU budget for years 2021-27 and the use of funds from a pandemic-response package.

Show more European integration is deepening. Thanks to a higher budget, the EU will have more influence

Our Vítek Havelka is the author of an article-commentaryfor the news portal His text deals with the analysis of the trend of deepening European integration, following the agreement on the European budget and the rescue package.

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Euractiv: The EU's common debt can be a model for the future, but it is essential to address the budget's own resources

Our research fellow Zuzana Stuchlíková commented on the priorities of the new Commission in an article for the Euractiv server. Ursula von der Leyen mentioned these priorities in her recent State of the Union Address 2020.

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Vít Havelka: Response to Lenka Zlámalová's article "Under Andrej Babiš, the Czech Republic becomes an EU financier for the first time"

Our research fellow Vít Havelka is the author of the text responding to Lenka Zlámalová's article published on the Echo Prime platform. It deals with the topic of the status of the Czech Republic within the issue of net payers / net beneficiaries.

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INVITATION: Café Evropa online: European recovery plan – what will the EU budget look like after the pandemic?

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy cordially invites you to a debate from the Café Evropa series. The debate will focus on EU budget after the coronavirus pandemic. The debate will take place on Tuesday September 8, from 5.30 PM online on Facebook.

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ČT24: European union after the key summit

Our Vít Havelka commented for ČT24 on the development after the key summit of EU leaders.

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Seznam Zprávy: French fries, photos like from a school trip and scolding Macron. Behind the scenes of the summit

Vít Havelka commented on the European summit for the Checkpoint series, a podcast from Seznam Zprávy.

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Deník N: Babiš praises one of the best gifts. The Czechia will receive more from the EU, subsidies for Agrofert do not have to be capped

Our Vít Havelka commented for the article in Deník N on the topic of the amount that the Czech Republic can expect from the European budget for the next seven years.

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European Council Summary (17–21 July 2020)

Vít Havelka prepared a summary of the European Council meeting for the Czech Interests in the EU project, the topic of which was the EU budget for the period 2021 27 (multiannual financial framework) and the EU Next Generation Recovery Fund.

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