ČT1 | Another step towards the EU enlargement

Ukraine and Moldavia are one step closer to the EU. European Commisison has recommended for the acession talks to start. Our senior research fellow Jana Juzová has commented on the issue of the EU enlargement in an interview with ČT.

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iDNES | EU reforms electricity market. How it wants to protect customers and strengthen the industry

Kateřina Davidová, Senior Research Fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the reforms in the European electricity market and how these changes may affect EU competitiveness.

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Kyiv Independent | Russia, China and North Korea have a new dynamic. And that's bad for Ukraine

Our research Associate Tereza Novotná commented on the changes in North Korea's domestic politics and the gradual opening of the country to foreigners in a new article for Kyiv Independent.

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EU-Pacific Talks: Taiwan and security dimension – lessons learned, Indo-Pacific containment

We would like to invite you to an online debate titled "Taiwan and security dimension - lessons learned, Indo-Pacific containment" as part of the EU-PACIFIC Talks series. Expand your knowledge of Taiwan's security situation and come to the debate, which will take place on our Facebook page on Friday, 6 October at 14:00.

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NTV: North Korea reduces dependence on China by deals with Russia

Tereza Novotná, an expert from EUROPEUM, spoke about the summit between Kim Jong-un and Vladimir Putin on German NTV.

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E15: EU emission standards will not be enough for China. Beijing is preparing its own rules

The EU countries have decided that the sale of new cars with internal combustion engines will end by 2035 at the latest. Although this is a highly controversial move in the Czech Republic, it is unlikely to be of much significance in the context of the global new car market. The new Euro 7 emissions standard will be the same. Our Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka commented on this topic.

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Euractiv: Minerals are redrawing the geopolitical map. Europe should mainly reduce consumption

In the European Union, terms such as critical minerals, competitiveness and strategic autonomy have been bandied about more and more often recently. The Czech Republic is only just coming into this discussion, but thanks to its vast lithium reserves, it may soon find itself in the spotlight, writes researcher Kateřina Davidová in a commentary.

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National Convention on the EU | Background paper: reaction to the US Inflation Reduction Act

Kateřina Davidová and Tereza Novotná prepared a background paper for the Round Table of the National Convention on the EU on Reactions to the US Inflation Reduction Act. Three main questions are put to the Roundtable: What impact can the IRA have on Transatlantic relations and free trade in general, and how should the EU try to actively shape these relations? How can the EU ensure the competitiveness and strengthen the productivity of its industry in the future and promote the development of EU produced green technologies? How will the changes affect the Czech Republic directly and how should the Czech Republic proceed within the EU to avoid being left behind in the "green race"? Which specific climate-neutral (net-zero) industrial sectors should the Czech Republic focus on?

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Policy Paper | The future is electric: role of Visegrad countries in the EV battery supply chain

The car industry is a crucial player for the economies of each Visegrad country, but to remain competitive adaptation is necessary. Since the shift from ICE to EVs leads to a substantial need for Critical Raw Materials (CRM), the V4 countries have and must continue to position themselves along the different parts of the EV battery supply chain from mining, refining to manufacturing, reuse and recycling as well as R&D into new battery chemistries. The future is electric: role of the Visegrad countries in the EV battery supply chain report addresses areas for Visegrad countries to ensure a sustainable and reliable EV battery supply chain.

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Report | EU-China relations - Will the current crisis change the relationship between the two great powers?

As part of the Café Evropa debate cycle, one of the discussions took place on the relationship and approach between the European Union and China. Among those invited were Magdaléna Slezáková, Ondřej Wagner, David Gardáš and Zdeněk Beránek. You can read a summary of the outputs of individual guests in the report written by our intern Eliška Prostřední.

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