Aktuálně.cz: European plan to save the climate. How will green rules affect the Czech Republic?

Our research fellow Kateřina Davidová, who simultaneously works at Centre for Transport and Energy, took part in a debate organized by server Aktuálně.cz. The discussion which is a part of the ‘‘Evropa v souvislostech“ project was also joined by a Member of the European Parliament – Luděk Niedermayer. Guests discussed the recently introduced climate package of the European Commission ''Fit for 55“ a its impacts on Czechia.

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Decarbonization of the automotive industry

The project called Decarbonization of the automotive industry aims to enable fast and fair decarbonization of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic by bridging the gap between policy- and decision-makers and companies. The key networking activities rely on evidence-based research outputs and follow-up activities with the respective stakeholders of the automotive industry in the Czech Republic. Furthermore, the project aims to deepen the public understanding and social acceptance of the inevitable changes in the transport sector. The project is led by the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy with financial support from the European Climate Foundation.

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České zájmy v EU: Czechs do not see the threat of rising prices in European climate policy. They fear the impact on industry

The survey, which we prepared in cooperation with the STEM Institute, shows that people in the Czech Republic feel threatened by climate change. Three years ago, 44% of citizens considered climate change to be a great danger, compared to 59% in 2020. Our Research Fellow Vít Havelka commented on the survey.

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Think Visegrad Fellowship offer: Call for proposals 2021

The Think Visegrad platform, which brings together think tanks from the Visegrad countries, including the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, is offering 8 visiting fellowships to non-Visegrad expert fellows for the period Autumn/Winter of 2021. The duration of fellowships varies from 6 to 8 weeks (based on agreement with the hosting institute).

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Nabídka krátkodobé výzkumné spolupráce v rámci platformy Think Visegrad

Platforma Think Visegrad sdružující think tanky zemí Visegrádu včetně Institutu pro evropskou politiku EUROPEUM vyhlašuje výběrové řízení na osm pozic hostujících odborných spolupracovníků ze států mimo V4 s předpokládaným nástupem podzim/zima 2021. Předpokládané délka spolupráce je až 8 týdnů.

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Hospodářské Noviny: Schillerová, Minister of Finance, plans spending cuts. Threatens the already record underfunded Czech Presidency of the European Union

Vladimír Bartovic, the director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy, commented for Hospodářské Noviny on the government's reduction of spending on the Czech Presidency of the Council of the European Union. He points out that there are currently fewer Czech representatives in the presidency than representatives from Malta, a fact that could weaken the Czech Republic's position.

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Blesk: Epicentre: Zeman's outrageous insults of transgender people. And why hasn't the Czech Republic stood up for homosexuals?

The new Hungarian legislation has provoked a stormy reaction from the EU leadership. It bans education about sexual minorities in schools. However, the Czech Republic is one of the countries that has so far refused to join in the criticism of Hungary. In an interview with CNN Prima News on Sunday, President Miloš Zeman criticised women's political rights activists, the Me Too movement against sexual harassment and sexual minority events such as Prague Pride. His words that he finds transgender people "truly disgusting" have already gone around the world. Is the Czech Republic a progressive and liberal country, as Prime Minister Andrej Babiš claims? What are the implications of the condemnatory words of the head of state? These were the topics of Tuesday's Epicentre with Vladimír Bartovic, director of the EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

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POLICY REPORT: The perspectives of the Czech automotive industry's decarbonization

Our Research Fellow Michal Hrubý examines the current state of the Czech automotive industry and its possible decarbonisation in connection with emissions. He divides his recommendations into five points - bolster green investments, financial incentives are the change-drivers, boost charging infrastructure, support the corporate BEVs fleet market and a ban on ICEVs is not the solution per se.

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.týždeň: Senators are against Miloš Zeman's policies. He is an embarrassment and violates the Constitution

The director of the EUROPEUM Institute, Vladimír Bartovic, commented for the Slovak magazine .týždeň on the constitutional lawsuit filed by senators against Czech President Miloš Zeman.

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Česká televize: Fight for Agrofert

The head of our Brussels office, Žiga Faktor, commented on the conflict of interest of Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš in connection with the misuse of EU funds.

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