Euractiv | Special EU fund for coal regions looks good but is costly

Establishing a new European fund to support coal regions may be perceived as a positive political step towards affected areas. However, the management of this fund poses challenges, not only in terms of finances but also in terms of personnel and time constraints, which could jeopardize its effective utilization. This conclusion arises from consultations with representatives of public administration and relevant regions and from their analysis conducted by Klára Votavová, member of research team at EUROPEUM.

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RTVS | The European Parliament strongly condemned Hungary

On Thursday, the European Parliament condemned the Hungarian government's deliberate, continuous and systematic efforts to undermine the fundamental values of the European Union. The resolution, which was supported by 345 MEPs, expresses deep concern at the further erosion of democracy, the rule of law and fundamental rights in Hungary. What are the main reasons why the European Parliament has expressed its so far strongest reservations against Hungary? Žiga Faktor, director of our Brussels office and deputy director, commented on RTVS.

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Právo | Merchant Orbán cashed in Brussels

The EU opens accession talks with Ukraine and Moldova, contrary to Hungary's wishes. Even so, Hungary did not come out of the negotiations deprived - the European Commission released to Hungary 250 billion crowns from the funds blocked so far. How much longer can Orban hold Ukraine hostage in his decision-making? Our deputy director Viktor Daněk commented on the topic for Právo.

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ČT24 | Second day of the European Council Summit

Senior Research Fellow Vít Havelka commented and evaluated the European Council Summit on ČT24.

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Euractiv | Moravian-Silesian Region wants to spend "coal billions" on big projects, but they are still risky

The Moravian-Silesian Region is one of the three Czech coal regions that will receive extra money from the European Union. Klára Votavová, a researcher at EUROPEUM Institute, answered questions about the funds intended for the "special needs" of the burdened regions.

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ČRo Plus | EU will continue to support reforms in the Western Balkan countries

More European money will be channelled to the Western Balkan countries to speed up their accession processes to the European Union and to support their reforms. Our researcher Jana Juzová explained in the morning broadcast of ČRo Plus exactly what the funds will be used for and how the Western Balkan countries are doing with their possible accession to the EU.

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Analysis | Reinvigorating the EU enlargement policy: Phasing-in as a way to overcome the enlargement impasse

In this paper, Jana Juzová, together with Žiga Faktor and Constanza Celoria, are providing a comprehensive analysis of the proposals initiated by the think-tank community as well as the current initiatives and discussions at the EU level; they are identifying opportunities and areas where tangible progress can be achieved, and providing recommendations to policymakers on how to turn these concepts into reality in the foreseeable future.

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iROZHLAS: Suspension of the Erasmus programme for Hungary? "Punishment and isolation of students."

Hungarian students from 21 universities are at risk of not being able to participate in the Erasmus+ education programme. The European Commission has temporarily cut them off. "The students who stand to lose the most from Erasmus are not the children of upper-middle-class parents, but those from smaller towns and rural areas. They don't have the means to travel abroad," Hungarist Oszkár Roginer, Global EU project manager at the EUROPEUM Institute, criticised the decision to

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ČT24: EU summit - energy and support for Ukraine

Representatives of EU Member States met in Brussels to discuss energy and Ukrainian support. Poland's opposition to the financial package received great attention. Our senior research fellow Jana Jůzová commented for ČT24.

Show more Comment: Ukraine in the EU? The biggest risk is empty promises

Our Research Fellow Jana Juzova commented on Ukraine's EU integration. Ukraine's economic level and lack of progress in democratic reforms, among other factors, complicate the EU's enlargement to include Ukraine. Accession would affect the flow of money redistributed from European funds, and Ukraine's membership would also have an impact on the EU Council's voting deliberations and the number of MEP seats.

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