POLICY PAPER | Gendering Europe’s Security and Recovery Responses to Ukraine

The policy paper, written by Míla O’Sullivan, illustrates that to centre the gender dimension and women’s voices in all aspects of Europe’s security and recovery responses to Ukraine are areas with the most serious gendered impacts and identifies the risks of gender-oblivious responses to Ukraine’s peaceful and sustainable future as well as to its European integration.

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Discussing Ukraine in V4 mainstream media: The future vis-à-vis European integration

The project assesses the production, distribution and consumption of news on Ukraine’s future vis-a-vis European integration by the V4 mainstream media. The aim is to designate both dominant and marginalized narratives, while also analyzing their impact via focus groups. The findings will be presented to stakeholders in order to improve reporting and increase the audiences’ access to information.

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Policy report: Charting a new path for a reinforced and improved V4-France cooperation

We're publishing the final policy report from the project: Charting a new path for V4-France cooperation, which was written by sixteen invited experts including our Martin Michelot.

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Visegrad in the EU - How Much Do We Matter? Project Outputs

Two years ago, under the expertise of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy Director Vladimír Bartovic a new project called "Visegrad in the EU - How Much Do We Matter?" was launched. We now proudly present the project outputs.

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The European Answer to the Eurasian Challenge for Eastern Europe

Nelly Tomčíková contributed with her analytical paper into an extensive publication on the Eurasian challenge and Eastern Europe's recommendations how to tackle it.

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Project Visegrad in the EU - How Much Do We Matter?

We are launching a new project "Visegrad in the EU - How much do we matter?" under the leadership of EUROPEUM's director Vladimír Bartovic.

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Destination: Transparency - New EU Member States’ Best Practices for Moldova and Ukraine

Partner project focused on improving the rule of law in Moldova and Ukraine through a cooperation with the V4 countries.

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Destination: Transparency - New EU Member States' Best Practices for Moldova and Ukraine

EUROPEUM is a proud partner of the Destination: Transparency project lead by PISM (Polish Institute of International Affairs).

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Destination: Transparency project - case studies on the anti-corruption in the V4 countries

Our senior researcher Věra Řiháčková contributed to a publication within the Destination: Transparency project.

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