TV Nova | Development of renewable energy sources

How does the Czech public view climate change and the development of renewable energy sources? Do they see it as a path to competitiveness? According to Czechs, should the European Union focus on environmental issues? Rebeka Hengalová, a research fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, discussed the STEM survey results in collaboration with the EUROPEUM Institute on the program "Naše Evropa" on TV Nova.

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FORUM 24 | Ukraine's accession will mean changes for the European Union itself

In its assessment report, the European Commission recommended EU leaders to open accession negotiations with Ukraine, which is to be decided at the European Council in mid-December. But admitting such a large country, which also neighbours Russia, would mean the EU would require internal reforms in order to uphold the principles on which the Union now operates. In her commentary for FORUM 24, our senior researcher and head of the Global Europe programme describes how would Ukraine's membership change the EU and its institutions.

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Op-Ed | Subsidised fossil fuels are a major obstacle to solving the climate crisis. The Czech Republic and the world must confront it

One of the biggest obstacles to solving the climate crisis is fossil fuel subsidies. However, they have not received much attention in the Czech Republic. An Op-Ed on this topic was written by our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová.

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RTVS | What did the leaders discuss at the European Council?

Představitelé členských států jednali na summitu v Bruselu. Ne všichni se nadále shodují na bezmezné podpoře Ukrajiny. Jaký dopad může mít odlišný pohled Maďarska a Slovenska na zasílání zbraní ukrajinské armádě a co to znamená pro Ukrajinu? I na to odpovídal pro slovenskou televizi RTVS ředitel naší bruselské kanceláře Žiga Faktor.

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iDNES: The EU will turn off your appliances. Lies about the Green Deal have taken over the internet in the Czech Republic

Our junior researcher Tatiana Mindeková conducted an analysis of the narratives around the Green Deal in the Czech and Slovak information scene. What kind of misinformation about the EU climate policy is being voiced in mainstream and alternative media? Tatiana Mindeková commented on the results of her research for

Show more Europe has turned green during the Czech Presidency. Climate agenda accelerates

The solution to the energy problems related to the war in Ukraine and Russian gas supplies was clear to the EU. It will lie in energy savings and, above all, in clean energy sources. What will energy reform look like and what plans does the EU have? Our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová commented on the Green Deal and the impact of the Czech Presidency on this topic.

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oEnergetice: Six months of the Czech Presidency have seen progress in the European energy sector

On the occasion of the conference "How did the Czech Republic turn green during the European Presidency?" our Senior Research Fellow Kateřina Davidová commented on the progress of the EU's climate policy and energy transformation, as well as emission-free transport.

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Czech interests in the EU: MEPs support a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars. What would the expected arrival of electric cars mean for the Czech Rep

The European Parliament votes to gradually tighten CO2 emissions for cars and trucks. Our research fellow Michal Hrubý gave an interview for the Czech Interests in the EU portal about the future of the car industry in the Czech Republic. How do Czech citizens feel about electric and hydrogen cars?

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Blog: Renewed EU–Southern neighbourhood agenda: is economical aid a right tool to achieve EU’s targets?

Our intern Magdalena Rubin wrote a blog article on the topic of Renewed EU-Southern neighbourhood agenda.

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ČRo PLUS: The climate summit begins. "This is the last chance to do something about climate change. And it's not on the right track," says researcher

EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy researcher Kateřina Davidová commented on the COP26 summit in Glasgow in the morning broadcast of the Czech Radio. On what approach is likely to be taken by the major players such as the US, China, Saudi Arabia or Russia and whether there is still hope of meeting the main goals of the Paris Agreement.

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