INVITATION | Shaping our Digital Future: Tackling Disinformation in the EU, case of Central and Eastern Europe

We cordially invite you to the conference entitled Shaping our Digital Future: Tackling Disinformation in the EU, case of Central and Eastern Europe. The conference will take place on Monday 27 March from 16:30 to 18:45 at the Thon Hotel EU, Rue de la Loi 75 1000 Brussels.

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The project is focused on the examination of the role of non-governmental organizations in the process of decarbonization of coal regions in V4 countries (Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia). The aim of the project is to describe the best and worst practices of the individual processes for Serbia, who awaits the transformation of its energy mix, largely based on coal. The examined V4 countries have had a slightly different share of coal in their energy mix, while the largest one being in Poland and the second largest one in the Czech Republic, followed by Hungary and Slovakia. There are many similarities and differences in their takes on decarbonisation, thus providing different range of experiences.

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Prague Climate Academy

The climate team of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy will in 2023 introduce a series of workshops on communicating the topic of green transformation to the Czech public. Prague Climate Academy will consist of training and workshops for journalists and communicators who influence the public discourse on climate change and climate policies.

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BLOG | “A Close Neighbor Is Better Than a Distant Relative” - Belt and Road Initiative: Are We Closer After 10 Years?

In 2013, the Chinese president introduced the New Silk Road project, also known as the Belt and Road Initiative. It was to connect China with countries in Central Asia, the Middle East, Europe and maritime regions with the purpose to coordinate policies and link infrastructure. However, the initiative, and especially China's role in it, raises many questions and doubts. What is its future? This is what our intern Šárka Váchalová discusses in her blog.

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INVITATION | Pacific Talks: Security Challenges for the Pacific, EU and Russia

We would like to invite you to a debate called "Security Challenges for the Pacific, EU and Russia " in the EU-PACIFIC Talks series. The debate will take place online on Friday, December 2 at 11:30.

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Report: EU - Pacific talks: EU - ASEAN relations: For better and for worse

If you missed the debate EU - Pacific talks: EU - ASEAN relations: for better and for worse, you can read the report from the debate written by Šárka Váchalová. During the debate these questions were discussed: As tensions with authoritarian powers such as Russia and China amplify, how can the EU and ASEAN partnership remain strong moving forward? What are the areas that the two regions can strengthen given the ongoing geopolitical tug of war?

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Empowering Serbian CSOs involved in the decarbonization process through the V4 experience

Read the background paper for the Belgrade conference, which focuses on the phasing out of coal mining in the V4 countries, to representatives of Serbian civil society. Our project manager and junior researcher Tatiana Mindekova worked on the paper on behalf of EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy.

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CEENERGYNEWS | E-mobility, an opportunity for CEE: regional associations sign joint declaration

An article summarising the conference was published in the framework of the conference E-mobility: the Opportunity for Central Eastern Europe. An important milestone of the conference was the signing of a declaration by the leaders of the Czech Platform for Electromobility, the Polish Alternative Fuels Association and the Slovak Electric Vehicle Association.

Show more | Has the war opened a window of opportunity for EU enlargement? Just an illusion, real change takes time and commitment of all

In the framework of the conference Think Tank Forum: EU enlargement, an article on the views of member and candidate states on EU enlargement was written in cooperation with

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ČRo: What is the energy situation in our country and in the world? How will the government strategy evolve here and in European countries? What about the world

The International Energy Agency said in its quarterly report that Europe will face unprecedented risks regarding Russian supplies and may be forced to compete with Asia for liquefied natural gas. Our research fellow Michal Hrubý discussed the European situation, including the Czech situation in this global context, with Martina Mašková.

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