CNN Prima News | France Elects New Parliament

The French elections were surprisingly won by the left. Its partner in forming a government may be the alliance of President Emmanuel Macron. And on European level Marine Le Pen will join a new political party in the European Parliament, Patriots for Europe, which Czech politician Andrej Babiš co-founded. Listen to the comments of Viktor Daňek, deputy director of EUROPEUM Institute for CNN Prima News.

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TV Nova | The far right wins the first round of parliamentary elections in France

The far-right National Rally of Marine Le Pen wins the first round of the early parliamentary elections in France. The foreign media are talking about the end of the Macron era, but he is not giving up and has called on the French people to vote against the far right. Martin Vokálek, executive director of EUROPEUM Institute, comments for TV Nova on what is driving voters to the far right and what the situation is in France.

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Respekt | It's time to unite. Marine Le Pen is enticing the cooperation of the Italian Prime Minister

In France, final preparations for the July summer Olympic Games are underway, but according to surveys, less than half of the French believe the country can ensure a their smooth course. Confidence in current political leaders has also been undermined by the European elections, where the opposition scored a significant victory. The opposition far-right National Rally led by Marine Le Pen no longer wants to leave the EU; they want to influence it. However, they need allies for that. Žiga Faktor, Deputy Director and Head of the Brussels Office at EUROPEUM Institute, comments on this for Respekt magazine.

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ČT24 | The balance of power in the newly elected European Parliament

The European Parliament has many negotiations ahead of it, be it the distribution of political parties in the political groups, the filling of key positions or the names of the new European Commissioners. What is the most interesting thing to watch on the European stage right now? What other moments will now influence the development of European politics? Vít Havelka, research fellow at EUROPEUM Institute, comments for ČT24.

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Seznam Zprávy | People experience multi-crisis, success of the far right could be greater

Despite the rise in support for the far right in most countries, the direction of the EU will not fundamentally change. The People's Party maintains its position as the strongest faction and gains support from centrist parties. The victory of the extreme right in the elections signals the strengthening of conservative and populist parties. However, it is expected that key issues such as the environment and migration will remain on the agenda. The election result does not signify a radical change but serves as a signal to focus on voters favoring conservative and far-right parties. Martin Vokálek, Executive Director of EUROPEUM Institute, commented on the results for Seznam Zprávy.

Show more | How to Interpret results of the European Elections

The ANO movement won the European elections, while the Spolu coalition took second place. The biggest individual winner was Filip Turek. In other European countries, the most resonant event was the significant defeat of French President Emmanuel Macron, who subsequently announced early elections. Viktor Daněk, Deputy Director of EUROPEUM Institute, analyzed the European elections in the Novinky Express program.

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Disinformation and foreign interference have been concerns in global politics for centuries, but social media algorithms have made the current threat more dire as they amplify content based on human frailties such as our obsession with negativity and outrage. Russian interference in the 2016 US federal election and other elections and referenda in at least twenty countries between November 2016 and April 2019, including the Brexit referendum, the French and German elections, and the Ukrainian power grid cyber-attacks, have highlighted the potential for foreign governments to alter the results of an election or undermine democracies using social media and other means. Writes Jakub Ferenčík in his last EU MONITOR.

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ČRo: German reaction to the re-election of Emmanuel Macron - a clear pro-European signal

Our Associate Research Fellow, Tereza Novotná, was interviewed by Czech Radio about the French presidential election in which Emmanuel Macron was re-elected and France's position in the European Union.

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BLOG: French elections amidst the French Presidency – a reflection of the impact of the French Presidential campaign

Esteban Gas has written a blog about the French elections that took place during the French presidency. While Macron’s re-election at a glance enables another term of continuation of the existing French agenda in the Union, the tightening of the gap between the far-right and Macron will have to be acknowledged politically in the years to come and might affect the EU.

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E15.CZ: French presidential election: markets are terrified of Le Pen's victory. Businesses back Macron

Rose Hartwig-Peillon commented for on the upcoming presidential elections in France. The candidate of the far-right National Front, Marine Le Pen, is closing in on leader Emmanuel Macron (Republic on the Move) in the polls, which has spooked investors there. Nevertheless, the current French president remains the favourite to win.

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