RevivEU project, carried out by four leading institutions in the V4 countries, looks at the needs, concerns and fears of the V4 citizens in four various EU-related topics. It does so through both quantitative and qualitative research of citizens´ attitudes towards climate change, migration, covid-19 and the rule of law. It also analyses the governmental policies in these four main areas and how the communication of these policies is framed in the public discourse.

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Background Paper Think Tank Forum | Can the EU enlargement process be finally revitalized?

This article was written as background material for a panel discussion at the Think Tank Forum: EU Enlargement. The author of the article is senior researcher Jana Juzová. In the article, she discusses, for example, whether the war in Ukraine will speed up the accession negotiations of the Western Balkan countries to the EU.

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POLICY BRIEF: Implications of the 2020 US Presidential Election on the EU and Czech Climate Policy

In her brief, Aneta Navrátilová writes about the implications of the 2020 US Presidential Election on the EU and Czech Climate Policy

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Policy paper: The future of EU Finances: New Own Resources

Markéta Mlčúchová published a policy paper about the reform of EU's budget – and especially its income side – using tools such as Common Consolidated Corporate Taxes, non-recycled plastic packaging waste tax or income from European Emissions Trading System (ETS) auctions.

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British politicians made Farage’s 2019 European election campaign easy

Our Jirka Lacina wrote a blog on Nigel Farage's EP election bid.

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ELECTIONS COMMENTARY: Main election topics of the upcoming European Elections

Our Kateřina Davidová and Vít Havelka published a commentary aiming to provide the reader with an overview and general understanding of the context that the upcoming European elections will take place in.

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Populism in Central Europe 2018

Together with the Austrian Society for European Politics, the Center for European Neighborhood Studies at the Central European University Budapest, the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana and GLOBSEC Policy Institute in Bratislava we jointly launched a project with the goal to examine why political and societal actors resort to an “anti-European” rhetoric. The final report from the project is now available.

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INVITATION: Populism in Europe: United in diversity?

We would like to cordially invite you to the debate with Thierry Chopin and Ondřej Houska on the topic of populism in Europe. The debate will take place in the French Institute in Prague on 4th of October at 6pm.

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Europe on Populism: Policies of intolerance should not be tolerated

Our Rachel Warren analyzes in her latest blog the rise of populist tendencies in European politics.

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Our Christian Kvorning Lassen commented on the differences between the natures of populisms in individual countries.

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