Sustainable urban mobility

Our Research Fellows Kateřina Davidová and Christian K. Lassen wrote background material for a conference on sustainable urban mobility. The material is out now as a brochure.

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Support to independent reporting on Serbia’s EU integration process with focus on the Chapters 23 and 24

We are proud to conduct a project focused on support to independent Serbian journalists reporting on Serbia’s EU integration process and specifically the obstacles in the key Chapters 23 and 24 which is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic.

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Commentary: EU Commission Leader

Christian Kvorning Lassen, Kateřina Davidová and Louis Cox-Brusseau react to Ursula von der Leyen’s win as the next EU Commission President.

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Commentary: EUCO Meeting in June 2019

Christian Kvorning Lassen, Kateřina Davidová, Jana Juzová, Vít Havelka and Louis Cox-Brusseau react to the EUCO Meeting held in June 2019.

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POLICY PAPER: The European Parliament and climate change: past, present and future

Kateřina Davidová, in her latest policy paper, examines climate policy in the European Parliament. Looking ahead and drawing conclusions form past climate policies, what are the future perspectives?

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POLICY PAPER: The Legal Status of Accredited Parliamentary Assistants

In her policy paper, Nicole Grmelová concerns with accredited assistants to the European Parliament, commonly referred to as APAs. She examines their legal status and evaluates its efficiency, strengths and weaknesses, and also compares its written wording with the actual implementation after 10 years of existence of the legal status of assistants.

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Commentary: European Elections

Experts from EUROPEUM Institute for European Policy present you with their reactions to the European Parliament elections, which took place last week.

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COMMENTARY: Theresa May’s Resignation

Our Louis Cox-Brusseau comments on Theresa May's resignation.

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ELECTIONS COMMENTARIES: Main topics of the upcoming European Elections

Our experts published a series of commentaries aiming to provide the reader with an overview and general understanding of the context that the upcoming European elections will take place in.

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ELECTIONS COMMENTARY: Economic Policies – Czech Party Programmes for the EP 2019 Elections

Vít Havelka, in his latest commentary, analyzes the economic policies of Czech political parties' programs for the European Parliament elections.

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