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La revue – Confrontations Europe: Les quatre de Visegrad ne forment pas un bloc

Our Martin Michelot authored an article for La revue – Confrontations Europe on the role of the V4 group in European politics.

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TRT World: NATO's Future: How will Trump influence the alliance?

Our Martin Michelot participated in a roundtable hosted by TRT World on the NATO Summit and Trump's influence on the Alliance.

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ČT24: The EU–China Summit begins in Beijing

Our Alexandr Lagazzi commented for Studio ČT24 the ongoing EU–China Summit and the negotiating positions of the two parties.

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RTVS: Radionews at 12:00

Our Alexandr Lagazzi commented for RTVS on the ongoing EU-China Summit in Beijing.

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EURACTIV: Platform for Coal Regions in Transition has to stick to the participation principle, otherwise it can be harmful

Our Kateřina Davidová wrote an article for EURACTIV about the possible negative consequences of the Platform for Coal Regions in Transition

Show more Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges: The uncertainty about Trump's performance in NATO is unfortunate

Another output from our Press Conference with Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges is now available on

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PRESS CONFERENCE: The relations of US with its NATO allies

On Monday 9th of July we have organized a press conference with Lieutenant General Benjamin Hodges, the former commanding general of US Army in Europe.

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Parlamentné Listy: Brussels didn't notice the V4 since the migration crisis in 2015, then the situation changed...

Our Zuzana Stuchlíková commented for Parlamentné Listy the stances of Brussels towards the Visegrád group after the migration crisis in 2015.

Show more The V4 is perceived by Brussels mainly through migration.

Our Zuzana Stuchlíková commented for the stances of Brussels towards the Visegrád group.

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Balkan Insight: China's Balkan Largesse Comes at a Price, Expert Warns

Our Michal Vít in an interview for Balkan Insight commented on the Chinese investments in the Balkan states.

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