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RTVS: New European funds criteria

Our Vladimir Bartovic in an interview for RTVS spoke about the new European funds criteria for the member states.

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NKNews: What the EU can do about North Korea?

In this podcast, Tereza Novotna discusses the upcoming summits and Europe's role in the potential denuclearisation talks.

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E15: The end of EU generosity?

Our Vladimír Bartovic gave his opinion to E15 on the topic of possibilities of future European funds distribution.

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ČT24: Europe without coal?

As a follow-up to our Prague Climate Talk debate, ČT24 published an interview with the guests of the debate.

Show more Bratislava has issues to solve. But it remains pro-European

Our Zuzana Stuchlíková, in an article for, commented on Slovakia's domestic political scene and its position in the European Union after the murder of the investigative journalist Jan Kuciak and his fiancée.

Show more Czechs are the biggest euroskeptics. What do central Europeans want, and how do they see the EU?

An extensive research of public opinion in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia and Slovenia showed, that a considerable portion of Central Europeans believe, that the EU is treating them unfairly. Still, the wish to remain, and want strong leaders and a homogenous society.

Show more Macron's Moment Arrives in Syria

Our Martin Michelot commented for on the French motives behind the Syrian airstrikes, and the reception thereof by the French public.

Show more Orbán is dangerous and the EU can not contest him.

Our Martin Michelot was interviewed for about Orbáns systematic dismantling of democracy.

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ČRo Plus: Impacts of the Syrian offensive

Our Vladimír Bartovic commented for ČRo Plus on the topic of the Saturday attack on Syria and its impacts on foreign policy of the Czech Republic.

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ČT24: Barnier and Babiš discuss Brexit

Our Vít Havelka commented on the topic of Brexit in relation to the Czech Republic.

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